How To Earn Free Chocolate

Free chocolate you say? Ok, so you decided that you want to start ordering Well Beyond Healthy Chocolate products but you want to make sure you are getting the best value.  Is there a coupon code, a discount, free shipping or any other offer that makes it worth your while, right?

You are a smart consumer and you want to be sure you are getting the best deal.  I don’t blame you, I do exactly the same thing! I even checked ebay and amazon until I realized the only way to get fresh product is to order direct like this.  When you buy product on ebay or amazon, it may have been sitting in someone’s garage for a year.  If I am paying for the health benefits of premium high antioxidant, cocoa flavanol chocolate, then I need it to be fresh and not expired.  You deserve that too.

Well savvy healthy chocolate consumers will be happy to know they are eligible to earn free product just by sharing it with your friends. What? Just like sharing your favorite movie, book or restaurant, telling friends about your favorite chocolate can get you free product every month as long as your friends and family order. Ok, I love this!

Free products may be earned by having three customers order monthly. The average of their combined orders will be a credit for free product for you! So yes you can get free chocolate or even free XeTRM my favorite healthy chocolate berry flavored energy drink that curbs my cravings and is just 1 calorie and keto friendly. Yep! It’s that good.

Some of the great products you can earn free or purchase direct include the Beyond Chocolate products including Beyond cacao skin care line, Beyond Beauty Cream and the Beyond Vitamin C-Serum. If you have problems sleeping like I have, I highly recommend you try the Beyond Calm.  This natural supplement has been helping me improve my sleep and for that I am very thankful!!  And, no worries about being stuck with the same product every month.  You can change or cancel your order at any time.  I switch my products every month depending on my needs.  We are a fan of the Beyond cocoa flavanol protein shake as well as the chocolate and the new Beyond Protect. Once you order you will be able to access your account and make changes to any future auto ship order whenever you want.  So large order or small order, you can benefit from the Healthy Chocolate Me + Three program!

Get started today and maximize your healthy chocolate savings. Questions on which chocolates are best for you?  Give us a call at 941-268-1354. My personal favorites are the Beyond Power Squares–just 35 calories and packed with cocoa flavanols and antioxidants. I also love the Xobiotic, a probiotic chocolate and all the cocoa flavanols you come to expect from healthy chocolate.   Still not sure which to order?  Try the healthy chocolate sampler.  the Beyond Variety Pack which includes the Xobiotic and Power Squares!   You can also visit our website direct at