wellbeyondimageChocolate is actually one of my favorite foods. I avoided eating chocolate for many years because of the mistaken belief that chocolate was somehow not healthy for me. That was because I had confused “candy” chocolate with “medicinal” chocolate. Once I learned that healthy chocolate was for real, and that it still tastes delicious, I was hooked. I recently read an article by Duke Diet & Fitness, cal. led “Is Chocolate Actually Healthy” by Matthew Kerr, DUH Dietetic Intern. It goes on to share the health benefits of chocolate.

Chocolate contains a unique phytochemical called flavan-3-ol, which acts as an antioxidant in the body. This phytochemical has been shown to decrease blood pressure with daily consumption over a span of 8 weeks in individuals with hypertension. Short term effects include increased blood flow, decreased bad cholesterol (LDL), decreased platelet gathering, and improved response to insulin.”

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This is what Beyond has to say at their website:

“So why are most chocolate products not really “healthy”? Primarily because of the way their content is processed. Traditional processing means that the chocolate is heated, alkalized and combined with artificial and unhealthy ingredients, all of which destroys the cacao’s powerful antioxidants and degrades it’s nutritional content.r_pY6HAVJOnVKg4Jq

What’s Wrong With “Normal” Chocolate?

  1. Alkalizing (also called “dutching”) neutralizes its antioxidants
  2. Heating further destroys its antioxidants and other vital nutrients
  3. Addition of waxes, milk solids, hydrogenated oils and sugar further degrade the antioxidant firepower of cacao

Why is Beyond, Healthy Chocolate® Different?

  1. Proprietary cold-processing preserves antioxidants and other crucial nutrients<P>
  2. Does not alkalize its chocolate
  3. Uses only natural cacao butter, sweeteners and other natural ingredients<P>
  4. Contains no artificial ingredients
  5. Category creator and leader of healthy chocolate industry”

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