I love the Fearless Chocolate Weight Loss Diet plan. It works. Had to share these are on sale for Black Friday through Cyber Monday. If you are looking to lose weight after the holidays, hurry and order your Fearless Wellness pack during the sale.

As I write this it is now Thanksgiving day here in Southwest Florida. I know that I will likely overindulge. It is a fact of life. I will do my best to not gain any weight and thankfully eating healthy chocolate before a meal curbs my appetite. I know that once Christmas is over I will start thinking about my weight loss goals. I have lost some weight but have more to lose. Maybe you can relate.

Fearless Diet plan

Well I am super excited about the new Beyond90 Fearless plan. This is a diet plan that helps you lose 10 pounds a month and do it in a healthy way. Simply incorporate Beyond healthy chocolate or vegan vanilla shake to replace two meals, enjoy Well Beyond healthy chocolates for snacks, XeTRM for cravings and energy and a probiotic, prebiotic, digestive enzyme blend called Remity Balance. All available in the Fearless pack for under $200. This pack includes enough shakes to have 2 a day, 1 piece of beyond chocolate and 1 XeTRM. You can also upgrade to have 2 of the chocolates per day which I highly recommend.

This is the cool part, during the Black Friday Cyber Monday Well Beyond sale, you can grab a deal on the Fearless pack! In addition to the already great price, you get a free bag of XeTRM 30 count energy. This skinny stick pack is great for burning belly fat, curbing cravings and improving energy. I personally have two of these a day and highly recommend!

Wanted to share this great deal! Valid 11/27-12/3! Order online at HealthyChocolateFix.com or call (941) 268-1354 with any questions. Order your Fearless weight loss pack today and join me the beginning of January to get started on those weight loss goals. You will want to join in on the Beyond Live facebook group to encourage each other with our weight loss goals.

The beyond chocolate shake was featured on the cover of the American Journal of Bariatric Medicine, the Bariatrician as a successful cacao based weight loss program.