Is it possible to control diabetes with healthy chocolate?

That is a good question. Check out the video below to see the research about diabetes and chocolate. I am a Type 2 diabetic. I love that I can eat diabetic friendly healthy chocolate that is good for me and helps me reach my diet goals in controlling my type 2 diabetes. Having a piece of Beyond healthy chocolate with every meal and including a supplement, berberine, has helped me control my diabetes naturally. How have you controlled your diabetes?

Yes, I eat healthy chocolate!

My doctor had me on all the regular diabetes medications. I started taking Metformin, that caused my blood sugar to go up instead of down. Not ideal! I then tried combo medications that had horrible side effects for me and also did not help lower my blood sugar. My doctor said I would likely need to be on insulin and I was not a fan of that. Could I control diabetes with healthy chocolate? I was about to find out. With my doctors ok, I started to get to work to see how I could better control my blood sugar.

Can You Control diabetes with chocolate?

I started exercising more regularly, included my healthy chocolates strategically before each meal or dessert and started taking berberine instead of metformin. Due to health issues, it was important to figure out what exercise was ideal for me and that I would commit to. So bike riding was what my doctor and I decided was the safest option, plus what I thought would be the most fun. It was something I wanted to do, so that was a big plus!

Find Exercise you are willing to do

Riding my bike has almost become like therapy.I love checking out the neighbors houses, landscaping, flowers and enjoying the wonderful parks in the area. I honestly love to ride my bike. I don’t ride my bike every day, but I am consistent and ride regularly. That helped me create a healthy habit and that helped with controlling my blood sugar! Find some kind of exercise you can do after dinner. If I have my favorite pasta, I have to ride my bike to keep my blood sugar down. I learned what foods cause a problem for me, pasta is one of those things. Now I have my diabetes controlled naturally. I also learned what foods are not my friends. I learned that frosting was not my best friend, but found a way to still eat it for birthdays. It is a combination of exercise, berberine and healthy chocolate.

Can You Really Eat Chocolate?

What is so different about my chocolates? Did I really control diabetes with healthy chocolate? Well, each piece is just 35 calories. They don’t have the waxes, fillers and processed sugars you find in candy chocolate. These have just 1 gram of sugar. They are vegetarian. Keto friendly. Low calorie. Kosher. And so very delicious. Choose from my favorites. The Beyond Xobiotic square with probiotics and the Beyond Power Square. Each piece is equal in antioxidants to over 1 pound of raw spinach. How cool is that!!

Healthy Alternative

If you are looking for a healthy alternative, try Beyond healthy chocolate and check it out for yourself. Visit Three Sons Marketing LLC at 941.676.7300 or visit us at

I don’t recommend stopping medications your doctor prescribes without their ok. Everything I did had my doctors ok. As my blood sugar improved, my doctor got on board. My blood sugar has now been controlled naturally for over 4 years. There is no stopping me. 🙂

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