My Cookie Survival Hack

Let’s put the obvious out there when it comes to my Christmas sugar cookie survival hack. I love Christmas sugar cut out cookies at Christmas!

You know the ones. The cut out frosted ones with sprinkles and Jimmies and decorations of snowmen, christmas trees and ornaments. They taste so darn delicious. This year my hubby found an amazing frosting recipe with a hint of almond extract which has me craving not just the cookies but the delicious frosting too. I practically needed a cookie intervention!

I am so ready to lose the rest of the weight I have put on over the years and this cookie dilemma is not helping! It is difficult to diet at Christmastime! I want to watch what I eat and go full force on my diet plan starting in January. I don’t want to gain any weight in the meantime so I was so thankful that this sugar cookie hack actually worked so well.

Time for a cookie intervention?

I have the same protein shake every morning which has been great for me but the problem was these delicious cookies around the house. I just can’t stand it and the entire day and into the evening I would be thinking about these cookies. As a type 2 diabetic, frosted sugar cookies don’t fit well into my wellness plan. Not even close. So I needed an answer and I needed it quick.

I am a big fan of this new drink called XeTRM. I simply shake it in water and it has a delicious berry taste that I really like. It has just 1 calorie, no sugar and no carbs. It curbs my cravings, helps to burn belly fat and gives me energy. I love the trace minerals as well. I was not really sure if this drink would stop my cravings for the amazing Christmas desserts but it has, at least for the most part. I won’t lie and say I have not had even one decorated cookie but I know for a fact I would have been eating more of them without this hack.

How to handle cravings

Before events, when I am craving the all powerful cut out sugar cookie, before a meal or whenever I want something sweet, this has helped me big time. All I do is pour in a Skinny Stick into water, shake it up and enjoy. I am actually starting to crave this too! I don’t have an overpowering desire to eat cookies right now after having my XeTRM. I am having two XeTRM every day and I have lost at least 10 pounds. A few days ago, I even had three Xe TRM just because of all the Christmas events with tons of food!

The diet plan I will start in January incorporates this energy drink and I am so glad. I can see this keeping me focused on my wellness journey. I pray that you all have an amazing Christmas and New Years. I am expecting great things in 2020! Check out my hack, so glad it works! Message me for details at (941) 268-1354 or visit our website at You can also start your home based skinny stick business here.