Merry Christmas Everyone From The Healthy Chocolate Lady In Punta Gorda, Florida


Merry Christmas everyone.  Yes, people do call me the chocolate lady.  I earned the title at the Punta Gorda farmers market where Xocai healthy chocolate is quite popular.  I really don’t mind being called the chocolate lady.  Honestly my goal at the market is to reach out to others to let them know there is an easy way to improve your diet.  Simply incorporating Xocai healthy chocolates into your diet i a great way to increase antioxidants which can lower inflammation.  Another great way is to enjoy the Xocai protein shake, absolutely my favorite hands down.

Each shake is over 52,000 ORACfn which is the amount of antioxidants.  Antioxidants are what is found in fruits and vegetables.  If you don’t want to eat 8-10 servings of fruits and vegetables every day, the Xocai shake or the Xocai power squares, Xobiotics, Nuggets, Omega Squares or our new XoLove Bites are just what you need.

Call Lynette Henk, Gold Executive with XO Lifestyle with questionsfrigidaire 179 at (877) 208-8172, email me for shake recipes at or order your healthy chocolate today at  I am also a network marketing business coach.  Contact me to get started with your own XO Lifestyle business, the network marketing business of 2015.

2015 New Years Resolution: The Year You Finally Put Yourself First And Take Care Of Your Health The Easy Way

Have you thought about your New Years resolutions for 2015?  Will you make New Years resolutions or will you skip them alltogether?  Most of us will actually make New Years resolutions but not all of us will stick with them.  Make 2015 the year you finally put yourself first and take care of YOUR health for a change.  We lead busy lives and it is often difficult to find the time to eat right and exercise.

What if I told you there was a way that you could improve your Chocopieceshealth by making SIMPLE changes?  Something as simple as eating a piece of chocolate three times a day.  Could it really be that easy?

I am here to tell you that there really are simple things you can do to help improve your health.  Remember when Mom said to eat your fruits and vegetables?  Mom was right.  Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants and many contain flavonoids.  Antioxidants help reduce inflammation.  According to the Natural News article Inflammation is the cause of nearly all disease-Here’s how to prevent it, it states “Persistent, systemic inflammation is at the root of practically all known chronic health conditions, including everything from rheumatoid arthritis and high cholesterol to dementia and cancer.”

0021Eating high antioxidant and flavonoid foods like Xocai healthy chocolate, the patented cold pressed chocolate, are a great way to reduce inflammation.  It is even gluten free and diabetic friendly and low in calories.  If you don’t have the time or the desire to sit and eat 8-10 servings of organic fruits and vegetables each and every day for the rest of your life, you may find that incorporating something as easy as a piece of chocolate three times a day could meet your needs.

Here is the challenge. Write down your current health issues, aches pains etc. Make a commitment to eat Xocai healthy chocolate for a month.  Enjoy a piece of Xocai healthy chocolate three times every day, morning mid day and evening with a glass of water.  Keep track of how you feel.  Are you sleeping better?  Do you have more energy?  Not craving snacks?  Losing weight?  These are the questions you will want to ask yourself.  You may be pleasantly surprised like I was when my mood improved and I started sleeping better within the first week.

Eventually you will be able to have blood work done and you can compare how your cholesterol, triglycerides etc and confirm they are improving.  Your blood pressure can be monitored easily to see if there is an improvement.  For those with diabetes, see how your blood sugar levels are, are they improving?  Eating antioxidants makes a difference in your health.  Find a way to get more antioxidants and stick with it.  You will be happy you did.

I get my antioxidants in chocolate.  How do you get yours?  I am Lynette Henk, XO Lifestyle Worldwide Gold Executive.  I share Xocai healthy chocolate products as well as Skinhealix and Xophoria anti-aging products.  I also coach others as they build a successful XO Lifestyle business. Take care of yourself–eat chocolate!  Contact Lynette Henk at (877) 208-8172, email me at or visit

Inflammation is the cause of nearly all disease-Here’s how to prevent it;


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President Brad Stewart Of XO Lifestyle Says Healthy Chocolate Is The New Business In 2015

I was excited to hear Brad Stewart, president of XO Lifestyle Worldwide as he talks about the best new business out there, Healthy Chocolate.  Xocai healthy chocolate products are simply amazing.  These are cold pressed chocolates–which is as close as you can get to the raw cacao.  This is nothing like candy chocolate that is filled with waxes, fillers and processed sugar and heated and dutched at very high temperatures which unfortunately lose many of the antioxidant benefits that are available to us from the raw cacao.

lynettemm101If you are looking for a home based business that gives you the flexibility to work when you want and where you want, XO Lifestyle is your opportunity.  Get paid to share the best product on the planet, chocolate!  Nine out of ten people eat chocolate.  This chocolate is high antioxidant which means it can help you fight free radical damage from the air our foods and other damage you face every day.  Now that the word is out, people are signing up so quickly.  Trust me, you want to get in and reserve your spot before the end of the year!  I even have a way you can reserve your spot and not pay a dime for 4 weeks.  Hurry and give me a call to reserve your spot now.  This is a limited time offer.

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Skinhealix Silk C Serum Targeted Anti-Aging Face Lift Peptide Solution From XO Lifestyle Peptide Queen Chanda Zaveri

I am excited to share about a product I have been using the last few months called Skinhealix Silk C Serum.  This 28% vitamin C serum with retinol is an antioxidant powerhouse for your face.

As a 49 year old mom of three, I started noticing wrinkles, crows silkcfeet, laugh lines and age spots.  I also noticed my skin was sagging especially below my chin area.  I was not happy.  After using the Skinhealix Silk C Serum for just 1 week, I noticed significant improvement.   The Skinhealix Silk C Serum is a product “that promoted collagen renewal and skin lightening in an industry leading, 28% anhydrous Vitamin C formulation”. This is THE BEST anti-aging product I have ever used and I have used many brands.  I used to love the HSN Signature Club A products and used them for years but unfortunately I did not see the results I was looking for.  I still felt old when I looked in the mirror.  I also tried the Estee Lauder and the Bare Minerals anti-aging creams and serums without the results I was looking for. I am thrilled with my personal results and the results of my friends who also use the Silk C Serum.

After washing my face morning and night, I apply the Skinhealix Silk C Serum.  My skin feels silky smooth and my skin appears healthier overall.  My friends starting wondering if I had work done!  One bottle of Silk C lasts me easily a few months and the results speak for themselves!  Try the Silk C Serum TODAY!  FREE SHIPPING AVAILABLE!  NO COUPON CODE REQUIRED!

10 Crazy Good Life Hack Ideas For Christmas To Make You Look Like A Star

I saw this video, “10 Life-Hacks For Christmas” and I was so impressed by the suggestions I just had to share.  My favorite ideas include a great idea for Christmas thank you cards, an amazing way to use your leftover toilet paper roll and aluminum foil and a way to make the best chocolate holiday drink for your friends and family that is over the top in how amazing it looks.

My family is fond of cocoa.  Actually that might be an understatement.  Our family loves cocoa!  The great idea in this Christmas video includes using shavings from dark chocolate on the top of your cocoa and whipped cream.  Talk about a decadent cup of hot cocoa!  Since I only keep healthy chocolate in the house, I will be using shavings from the Xocai nuggets.  I think that is a great idea and can’t wait to try it out.

ChocopiecesHopefully you will enjoy this short Christmas idea video as much as I did.  Don’t forget to hurry and order your Xocai healthy chocolates.  I recommend the Variety pack that comes with four individual boxes perfect for gift giving.  It works perfectly for hostess gifts and a gift for someone who has everything.  Even better Xocai chocolates are good for you, diabetic friendly, gluten free and low in calories.  No matter what the health issues of the recipient, it is more likely that they can enjoy your gift.

So hurry and order–plus grab a box of Nuggets for yourself.  They 0021are so good!  I am Lynette Henk, Gold Executive with XO Lifestyle Worldwide.  I share Xocai healthy chocolate products and Skinhealix anti-aging.  Call me at (877) 208-8172 or visit us at


Magnesium For Healthy Kids And Healthy Bones More Important Than Calcium

Many of us are deficient in Magnesium and we don’t even realize it.  According to the National Institute for Health, These are the symptoms of Magnesium deficiency.

“Early symptoms:

  • Anorexia
  • Apathy
  • Confusion
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Muscle twitching
  • Poor memory
  • Reduced ability to learn

Moderate deficiency symptoms:

  • Heart (cardiovascular) changes
  • Rapid heartbeat

Severe deficiency:

  • Continued muscle contraction
  • Delirium
  • Numbness
  • Seeing or hearing things that aren’t there (hallucinations)
  • Tingling”

Thankfully there are many ways to supplement to increase your lynettebrandedmagnesium including my favorite food on the planet, cold pressed dark chocolate.

Order your magnesium rich healthy chocolate here or contact Lynette Henk at (877) 208-8172.  


Medline Plus, Magnesium in diet, Medline Plus Medical Encyclopedia,


David Wolfe TED Lecture Shares Why You Want Cold Processed Raw Dark Chocolate Superfood

Chocolate is one of the most popular foods on the planet.  Did you know that chocolate actually comes from a nut?  Cacao or known as cocoa to us, offers vital nutrients.  Check out the video above by David Wolfe during his TED talk on his passion for chocolate.

Mr. Wolfe goes into detail about how chocolate is processed.  When chocolate is heated for days at high temperatures, it unfortunately loses many of the health benefits in the raw cacao.  Cold Processed or cold pressed chocolate is as close as you can get to raw dark chocolate.

xobiotic1My family eats Xocai healthy chocolate.  This healthy chocolate is made with a patented cold pressed process that keeps in the antioxidants making it a high antioxidant superfood.  Take care of yourself and eats lots of antioxidants which are known to reduce inflammation.  Inflammation causes over 200 diseases so anything you can do to reduce inflammation is key.

I am Lynette Henk, XO Lifestyle brand partner.  I can be reached at (877) 208-8172 or at

Keep Calm And Dark Chocolate On Says Laci Green Of D News: The Amazing Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

More News On Chocolate!

I saw this youtube clip of Laci Green of D News sharing her Ode to Dark Chocolate.  You simply must watch her clip about why dark chocolate is so good for you.  The key to remember is that the benefits she is referring to are found in abundance in cold pressed dark chocolate.  In addition to the percentage of dark chocolate, the processing of the chocolate is key.

Even better  Xocai healthy chocolate, my favorite, uses a patented process to cold press their chocolate leaving in the benefits of the raw cacao.  Their chocolates actually show the ORAC score, the amount of antioxidants and the amount of flavonoids in every product.  You won’t see that on most other chocolates for a reason.  You would be disappointed if you found out how much effect the cooking and dutching for 2-3 days to make the chocolate super smooth has on your favorite treat.  So do yourself a favor, and get yourself and those you love the best chocolate on the planet in my humble opinion.

Looking for a healthy Christmas gift idea or hostess gift?  I lynettebrandedrecommend ordering the variety pack for gifts.  Each variety pack box comes with four small boxes, perfect for gift giving.  Even better order some for yourself as preferred customers receive FREE SHIPPING and a free product after every third auto shipment for the first year.  I am all about the FREE so hurry and get yours today!

I am Lynette Henk, XO Lifestyle distributor.  I share the benefits of antioxidants in chocolate!  Visit us at or call (877) 208-8172.

Downtown Punta Gorda, Florida Christmas Parade Happens This Saturday, December 6th

If you are looking for something fun to do this Saturday, December 6th, you simply must check out Punta Gorda, Florida.  It is a quaint town with amazing restaurants, shops and beautiful waterfront views.  It is located between Sarasota and Fort Myers, not far from North Port, Englewood, Cape Coral and Port Charlotte.

This Saturday, December 6th 2014 is the Punta Gorda Christmas Parade.  You don’t want to miss it!  It starts at noon over by Charlotte High School and goes by Taylor street downtown.  One of the best places to park is in the free parking garage downtown near Taylor and Olympia.  Be sure to get there early for the Punta Gorda Farmers Market that runs from 8am-1pm.  The farmers market is held between Sullivan Street and Taylor right in the heart of downtown Punta Gorda.  At the farmers market you can expect to find fresh fruits and veggies, cheeses, smoothies, bakery goods, coffee, Xocai healthy chocolate, homemade wood items from the wood nook, fresh fish, plants and so much more.

Please stop by the Xocai healthy chocolate booth to sample our delicious Belgian cold pressed chocolate.  Gluten free, diabetic friendly and a great choice for those watching their weight, you simply must try it.  We will have $15 sample packs of our healthy chocolates available before the parade so stop by and pick up your healthy chocolate.  We can also ship direct to your door and are able to ship gift packs to your friends and family for the Christmas holiday.

I am Lynette Henk.  I am a Punta Gorda resident and I love it here.  I lynettebrandedPualso share the health benefits of Xocai healthy chocolate at the farmers market in downtown Punta Gorda every Saturday and also online at  Feel free to call me at (877) 208-8172.  Hope to see you at the market and the parade!


Change Your Life With Chocolate!