Black Friday Healthy Chocolate Sale Starts Now Through Sunday, November 30th, 2014

With all the craziness surrounding Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it is hard to know what deals you should be looking for.  Often we just don’t know what to buy our friends, family and loved ones for the Christmas holiday season.  There comes a point as we get older, that we just don’t need that much.  So what do you buy someone who has everything?  And what do you buy someone when you just don’t know what they want or need?  You would hate to buy the wrong size sweater or slippers which they then have to wait in line after Christmas to return.  You want to get them something special so they know you care.  So, what to buy?

Most of us are more health conscious than we used to be years ago.  Some individuals on your Christmas list may have diabetes, are dieting or need to eat gluten free so you may not want to give holiday candy or chocolates.  That is why I like to give healthy chocolate as a gift.  This yummy dark chocolate is actually diabetic friendly, low calorie and gluten free.  Xocai healthy chocolates are made with cold pressed chocolate that has not been cooked like traditional chocolate.  This cold pressed method keeps in the antioxidants from the raw cacao making this a high antioxidant superfood.  So give the ones you love the gift of healthy chocolate.  It is good for them but tastes amazing, after all we are talking about chocolate!

This chocolate has no waxes, fillers or processed sugars.  Xocai nuggets_sm-300x1673chocolates are available in Nuggets, Power Squares, Omega Squares, Xobiotic with probiotics, Sexy Xo Love Chocolate love bites as well as our popular healthy peanut butter cups.  They even offer a variety pack that comes with four small gift boxes of the four most popular dark belgian chocolates.

With the Black Friday special you get the Buy 2, Get 1 Free deal through Sunday, November 30th, 2014!  This is a great way to celebrate the Christmas holiday.  

Share the gift of healthy chocolate!

I am Lynette Henk. My family has been enjoying and sharing Xocai healthy chocolates for over the last four years. Contact me with questions at (877) 208-8172 or place your order at

ORAC Score Is Cancer Kryptonite? Take Note Of ORAC Antioxidant Values In Foods.

orackryptonitegocoldpressedI read an article today called “ORAC:  Cancer Kryptonite” by Chef Wendell  Fowler, nutritionist.  The article makes clear that ORAC scores are vital for health.  As a mom of three boys and a hubby with health problems, years ago I was seaching for the perfect pill that was going to improve the health of our family.  I did not find the perfect pill, however I did find something interesting called “Healthy Chocolate”.  This Xocai healthy chocolate was different than the candy bars I could find in the grocery store and even the Whole Foods or Trader Joes.  What I found out is that Xocai chocolate uses a patented cold press method that does not cook or heat the chocolate at high temperatures.  This keeps the cacao as close as possible to raw, keeping in the high antioxidant values inherent in the cacao plant.  This is where the “ORAC:  Cancer Kryptonite” comes in to play.  The ORAC score is oxygen radical absorbance capacity which measures the ability of a food or  substance to quench oxygen free radicals in a test tube.  According to Chef Wendell, high ORAC products are what you want.

The cool thing about Xocai dark chocolate is it is easy to enjoy and does not require any preperation or shopping at the local produce stand or farmers market.  I simply get mine delivered every month.  I make sure to keep some healthy chocolate in my purse at all times so I am never without.  Now that is an easy way to enjoy the ORAC Kryptonite.  Order yours at

I am Lynette Henk, mom of three young men and married to a hubby that I spinach-300x3001adore.  I keep my family healthy eating high ORAC dark chocolate.  Contact me for details or to orderyour high ORAC dark chocolate wholesale.  I can be reached at (877) 208-8172 or at


The Southside Times, “ORAC: Cancer Kryptonite” by Wendell Fowler dated 1/23/2013 ,


Sexy Xo Love Bites Perfect Love Food Dark Chocolate Veterans Day Buy 2, Get 1 Free Florida Sale

Have you heard about the chocolate that increases passion in the bedroom?  Xocai cold pressed high antioxidant dark chocolate has been combined with l-arginine and maca to create the most pleasurable chocolate on the planet in my humble opinion.

It is the perfect love food!

I will be honest here, sexual dysfunction is real.  It is debilitating and nobody is talking about it.  Sexual dysfunction i the problem nobody wants to discuss.  As many as 43% of women and a third of all men suffer from a form of sexual dysfunction.  Insufficient blood flow and imbalance of brain hormones are two major contributors to the dysfunction issue.

If you are tired of the prescription pills that cause their own side

effects, now you have a natural options.  Xolove Chocolate Love Bites!

Are you looking for more passion?  Do you crave more excitement?  Searching for ways to enhance your love life?  XoLove Chocolate Love Bites are the perfect love food!

Excitement, Passion, Happiness:  All These Can Be Yours With XoLove Bites!

Wholesale pricing with a Buy 2, Get 1 Free offer is available with the Veterans Day promotion!  I am Lynette Henk, XO Lifestyle gold executive who shares the health benefits of XoLove Bites.  I can be reached at (877) 208-8172, email or


Just 50 Days Til Christmas at Walt Disney World Resort Orlando: Are You Ready?

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

I could hardly believe it when I saw this Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Resort Sign in Orlando, Florida.  The Christmas Holiday sign reads “50 Days Til Christmas“.  Immediately I feel the need to go on a major shopping spree and work on my Christmas list for friends and family.  Thankfully I already started on my list as I ordered the Xocai healthy chocolate variety box which includes four individual boxes of chocolates including Xocai nuggets, power squares, omega squares and my all time favorite Xobiotics.  If you have people on your list that have everything, why not give them the gift of health.

Everyone I know loves dark chocolate but most chocolate is cooked or dutched, turned into a chocolate liquer to get out the bitter parts. Unfortunately that means the chocolate also loses much of the original antioxidant content which makes the raw cacao so good for you in the first place.  Thankfully, XO Lifestyle the makers of Xocai healthy chocolate use a patented cold pressed method that keeps in the antioxidants of the raw cacao making their chocolate an antioxidant superfood.

Order now and stock up on those Christmas gifts for the people you0021 love.  Even better, order wholesale as an “Associate or Business Builder” to get the best price and free product.  An associate buys just two products and get one free on the first automatic order.  A buisness builder orders six products and gets three free on the first monthly order. You are under no obligation and can cancel anytime but as long as you keep ordering that first year, the company is going to give you a free product of your choice every third month for the first year.  Now that is a deal!

I am Lynette Henk, Xocai chocolate distributor.  Contact me directly at (877) 208-8172 or visit

A Frozen Holiday Wish Nightly At The Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Park Through December 31st

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of visiting the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida.  As a teenager I won a trip to Disney World in Orlando.  This was back in the day where they still had actual tickets that you had to use to get on the rides.  Times have changed and tickets have not been required for many years.  Now you simply swipe your wrist and your Disney MagicBand along with your finger recognition software to enter the park.

Tonight was the first night of “A Frozen Holiday Wish” at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.  This new show on the Castle Forecourt Stage offers special appearances by Kristoff, the adorable mountain man and Olaf the lovable snowman.  Queen Elsa will transform Cinderella Castle into a gillmering ice palace.  Don’t miss “A Frozen Holiday Wish” at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Orlando.   The new show runs from November 5th through December 31st, 2014.  You don’t want to miss this.

I learned the value of spending quality time with family after the untimely death of my brother at age 42.  Don’t take your family or your health for granted.  I am thankful for the opportunity my network marketing business allows me to enjoy quality time at Walt Disney World and other family vacations.  I am able to work from home and can work on my schedule.  If your dreams are bigger than your paycheck, we should talk.  I am Lynette Henk, Gold Executive with XO Lifestyle Worldwide.  I can be reached at (877) 208-8172 or at my website

Is Network Marketing The Opportunity For You? MLM Mastermind Training Event

I just attended the Mastermind Network Marketing event in Orlando, Florida where over 3000 network marketers from around the country have converged to be trained by the best and most successful network marketer in the business.  My favorite trainers so far are Art Jonak, Randy Gage, Orrin Woodward, Darnell Self and Chris Brady.  The caliber of trainer is nothing short of exceptional.  These are highly successful entrepreneurs that get together once a year to give back to the network marketing community.  The fact that network marketers in many Network Marketing businesses can all get together and learn from the best is amazing and the mastemind of Art Jonak.  This was my first year attending this event and it certainly will not be my last.

Network marketing is a great way to start a home based part-time business.  Many will go on to a full time income and career in network marketing.  If you are unhappy with your current career path or the income level your current job provides, or are looking for a way to supplement your social security retirement income,  you may want to consider what network marketing can provide for you and your lynettemm101family.  Network Marketing is about leverage and living life to the fullest.  Just like Paul McCartney earns residual income every time his songs are played on the radio, you can earn residual income as well.  According to the Forbes article is MLM a bad word, “MLM is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of others they recruit, creating a downline of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation.”

This business model can generate a serious income over time which is why so many start their business part-time and quit their job once they are earning a full-time income and beyond.   I started my Xocai healthy chocolate business as a part-time venture as well over four years ago.  I am Lynette Henk, Gold executive with XO Lifestyle Worldwide/Xocai chocolate.  Contact me to find out how you can quickly grow a great opportunity with a company with amazing high antioxidant healthy chocolate products and Skinhealix anti-aging products, a debt free company, amazing compensation plan and an upline that truly wants to help you succeed.

Contact Lynette Henk at (877) 208-8172, email or visit for more information.  Those who sign up as an associate or business builder receive a Buy 2, Get 1 Free special.  Contact me to set up your business start-up interview.


Forbes, "Is MLM a Bad Word?" by Jody Greene,

The Value Of Probiotics In Chocolate For Tummy Troubles And GI Dysfunction OR GERD

Probiotics are the heathy bacteria your body needs.  According to Web MD, “Probiotics are organisms such as bacteria or yeast that are believed to improve health.”  Even better, according to this PubMed Review, “Bacteria and Chocolate, a successful for probiotic delivery” it makes it quite clear that the best way to get your probiotics is in chocolate.

Dr. Gordon Pedersen shares in the youtube video above about a new chocolate called Xobiotic.  It is made by Xocai healthy chocolate and has the probiotic your body need to keep your gut healthy.

As a mom of three teenage and young adult boys, I make sure my xobiotic1kids eat their probiotics in chocolate to keep the immune system strong.  This is important for your entire family so be sure to order your Xobiotic XO Lifestyle Xocai chocolate products.  They are available at or you can call (877) 208-8172

I am Lynette Henk and I feed my family Healthy Xocai Probiotic Chocolate.  Contact me with questions at (877) 208-8172 or visit us at to order your cold pressed chocolate with probiotics.

Bacteria and Chocolate; a successful combination for probiotic delivery at

WebMD Feature by Peter Jaret;

Is Dark Chocolate Heart Healthy? Yes Says Dr. Keri Peterson On Today’s Health

Here is one more study that shows the flavonoid content in dark chocolate can reduce the risk of stroke, heart attack and diabetes.  This is exciting however Dr. Keri Peterson explains it does not apply to commercially available chocolate.  Make sure that you enjoy the high flavonoid, high antioxidant cold pressed chocolate that has not been cooked or dutched at high temperatures.  Xocai chocolate uses a patented cold press method that does not heat the chocolate like traditional candy chocolate.

lynettebrandedJust one more reason to eat the good stuff, Xocai healthy chocolate.  Visit us today at or call Lynette Henk at (877) 208-8172.


Runners, Dark Chocolate May Increase Energy, Endurance & Muscle Performance Eating Dark Chocolate Say Researchers At University Of California


According to researchers at the University of California, Dark Chocolate may increase endurance and muscle performance.  According to The Journal, “Epicatechin was chosen to be studied because recent research showed that the substance is linked to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease in adults. The study involved 25 one-year-old mice; researchers studied the differences in performance between mice that has been fed different substances, and found the group that had been receiving epicatechin subsequently performed significantly better in endurance tests. ”  Since Epicatechin is found in Xocai healthy chocolate, I was interested.

So next time you go for a runner or preparing for your next spinachmarathon, considering including a few Xocai power squares in your regimen.  I am Lynette Henk, XO Lifestyle Xocai chocolate consultant.  Contact me at to order, call me at (877) 208-8172 or visit


The Journal;

The research was published in the “peer-reviewed medical journal The Journal of Physiology”.

Frugal Illinoisans Purchase Their XO Lifestyle Xocai Healthy Chicago Chocolate Weight Loss Diet Protein Shakes Wholesale To Save Big Bucks

Those frugal families in Illinois sure know how to save a buck.  Instead of ordering online via ebay or amazon, they know to bypass the traditional online methods to order and purchase healthy chocolate and the Chicago Chocolate Diet with a wholesale account.  Sure they could order on ebay or amazon but they know that the sellers are charged additional fees which must be passed on to potential customers.

The Chicago Chocolate Diet can be ordered online direct at  They also call direct at (877) 208-8172 for wholesale pricing.  The key is NOT to order as a preferred customer.  Xocai chocolate offers a wholesale accounty option that gives the best pricing and specials available.  Sure some people with a wholesale account will go on to start a home based full or part time business sharing the XO Lifestyle Xocai chocolate products, but others who want to order healthy chocolate for family consumption can still get the same wholesale pricing.  The only difference is a $39 annual wholesale fee the first year.  For future years the wholesale fee is just $25, a true bargain when you figure out the diference in pricing and Buy 2, Get 1 Free Sale pricing.

The best price is available by ordering as an “Associate or Business photo (1)Builder”.  Basically with the current wholesale promo, an associate can order two full size products and get one full size product free.  A Business Builder can order Six full size Products and Get Three Free.  This is a great opportunity if you want to maximize your savings.  Even better, Chicagoans can receive a free product after every third month autoshipment in the first year, up to four free products by simply ordering one or more products monthly.  They are able to cancel at any time but as long as they continue to order monthly during that first year, they will be entitled to free product.  I highly recommend the Xocai protein shake (Chicago Chocolate Diet) and the Xocai power squares that are just 33 calories each.  The Xe Energy drinks are also great for after workouts.

Frugal folks from Illinois can get the best pricing at I am Lynette Henk, XO Lifestyle gold executive originally from Illinois.  Contact me today with any questions at (877) 208-8172 or at

Change Your Life With Chocolate!