Take The 30 Day Healthy Living Dark Chocolate Challenge

xobioticebay3What if I told you that something as simple as eating three pieces of dark chocolate a day could help improve your health, would that interest you?

Honestly it does sound to good to be true as chocolate is a rich decadent food that we equate with lots of calories that we assume is not good for us.  Realistically though, raw cacao is a superfood, even higher in antioxidants that the acai berry which is also a superfood.   If you are able to get your hands on cold pressed chocolate that has not been heated or dutched like candy, you can obtain the health benefits of eating increased antioxidants. Make sure your chocolate does not include chocolate liquer, a liquid that has been heated to very high temperatures.  Increased antioxidants are responsible for lower inflammation.  Inflammation causes over 200 diseases including heart disease.

XO Xocai Healthy Chocolate is made with a patented process that cold presses the chocolate, keeping in the high antioxidant value of the raw cacao.  It also does not include waxes or fillers like traditional chocolate “candy”.  It is sweetened with acai berry and blue berry and has no processed sugars, fillers or waxes. It’s also diabetic friendly, gluten free and GMO free.  If you are not eating 5-8 servings of fruits and vegetables as recommended, healthy chocolate is a great way to get the antioxidants your body needs to stay healthy.

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When I hit my mid forties, I started to think more about the foods I was eating.  I worked to avoid processed foods, too much sugar, artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup.  These days I also am careful about GMO foods.  Unfortunately my only sibling, my younger brother passed away at age 42.  That really hit home.  I now share the health benefits of high antioxidant cold pressed chocolate with everyone I can.  Some people even call me the chocolate lady since I am obsessed about the health benefits.  I personally experience many benefits of increased antioxidant and so has my family.

This is my challenge to you:

Write down the health issues you are experiencing.  Leg pain, knee pain, headaches or whatever issues are a concern for you.

Add healthy chocolate to your diet for the next 30 days.

Specifically eat at least 3 pieces a day, spaced out morning, middle of the day and evening to maximize the antioxidant benefits.

Daily note any improvements by writing it down on your list.

After 30 days, what improvement did you notice?  You likely experienced better sleep, less aches and pains, more energy, less headaches etc.  For those taking the Xobiotic that had stomach issues, you may notice less GERD or heartburn symptoms.

Take the 30 day Healthy Living Dark Chocolate Challenge.  You will be amazed at the benefits of increased antioxidants.  Xocai chocolates are amazingly high in antioxidants.  Trust me, eating high cacao content chocolate is not enough.  You need to eat the chocolate that has not been heated or dutched.  Try out Xocai and you will be impressed.  Take care of your body, it’s the only one you have.

Sure you could completely change your diet, cut out everything bad for you which should leave you with a diet of organic fruits and vegetables.  I propose something less drastic.  Incorporate Xocai chocolates into your diet.  Simple and yummy.  For those looking to lose weight, here is a great tip.  Eat a piece of Xocai chocolate 20-30 minutes before a meal with a glass of water.  You will eat less which helps you lose weight.

I am Lynette Henk, XO Xocai Consultant.  My family has been eating Xocai healthy chocolate products for over 4 years.  Our favorites are the Xobiotic chocolate and the Dark Chocolate Nuggets.  I also love the Xocai X-protein meal shake.  Contact me with any questions at (877) 208-8172 or email me at lynette@liveforchocolate.com.  You can also visit my website at LiveForChocolate.com.  Today is the day to improve your health a piece of chocolate at a time.


Enjoy Chocolate Chip Cookies And Dark Chocolate Nuggets Without Guilt

cropped-Chocopieces.jpgDark chocolate chips are small pieces of dark chocolate which are commonly sold in the market in the shape of a teardrop with a circular flat bottom. They are available in multiple sizes. They form the main content of chocolate chip cookies. These cookies have multiple flavors and forms but they were available in semisweet chocolate form only in the beginning. Some common varieties of dark chocolate chips cookies are swirled chip cookies, bittersweet cookies and semisweet cookies. The cookies made from dark chocolate are healthy and good if taken in moderate quantities everyday. Dark chocolate is considered to be very rich in antioxidants and if taken care of the calorie count cookies can prove to be a healthy snack. Dark chocolate contains a lot of cocoa solids or chocolate liquor.  The best dark chocolate is not made with chocolate liquor, made by heating or dutching the chocolate at an extremely high temperature.  The best dark chocolate is cold pressed, chocolate not heated or dutched at high temperatures is able to retain the antioxidant value of the raw cacao.

Dark chocolate gifts are ideal  for a gift idea, healthy chocolate is ideal  for people who are very conscious about their health but still would want to eat chocolates because they enjoy eating chocolates. A dark chocolate gift is available in the market in various forms of packaging and in multiple shapes and sizes. We can buy such chocolates in assorted forms also allowing us to pick and choose between all the available options and are reasonably priced also. I prefer the Xocai variety pack that includes a small box of nuggets, power squares, omega squares and the Xobiotic with a probioitc.  It is a great way to try out all the healthy chocolate varieties.  Dark chocolate goodies are available in various forms like toffees, cookies, cakes and truffles in attractive gift baskets or towers and can be chosen according to one’s wish. I often give the gift of a box of Xocai peanut butter cups.  They are healthy and so yummy.  A dark chocolate gift can form a suitable gift for all occasions for all ages. Dark chocolate is available in nut and fruit flavors also in unsweetened, bittersweet or semisweet form according to its ingredients. Dark chocolate gifts are offered by numerous companies in the market and have become quite popular in recent times owing to lesser calorie content and its other health benefits.

I highly recommend the Xocai XO healthy chocolates as they are low xobioticebay3 in calories, diet friendly, diabetic friendly and gluten free.  Dark chocolate squares are a variation in the appearance of chocolate varieties and form, available in the market. They are good for a quick snack.

They are available in the market in low calorie or low fat versions also containing less of fat, protein and sugar. Some dark chocolate squares also contain filling of peppermint or peanut butter to make it more delicious. They are also available as an extra dark chocolate square with 80-85% cacao content. Using dry fruits like almonds and figs makes it all the more healthy and tasty. Cocoa butter is added to make the dark chocolate gift richer, creamy and smooth thereby increasing the calorie count. We can shop for all the above products online after viewing carefully the varieties and products available with a particular company and adding them to our shopping cart.   I especially love the company that offers free shipping.  Here is my recommendation.

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oasisoftheseasI don’t already know concerning you however cruising is concerning among the most effective vacations I have actually ever enjoyed.  I have actually cruised on Carnival, NCL and Royal Caribbean.  They have actually every one of been excellent vacations.  I mean, that does not enjoy to get hold of on a ship and not have actually to worry concerning a thing?  To me, cruising is so a lot fun.  I absolutely enjoy the shows and the meals and the fun.  I likewise enjoy the remarkable memories and photos.

exactly how concerning you?  Do you enjoy cruising too?  Ideal now you can easily earn a FREE Royal Caribbean cruise this January.  exactly how would certainly you enjoy to go on a cruise for free?  No worries concerning gratuities or port fees and taxes.  I am talking free.  Last year I saw an remarkable cruise on Royal Caribbean that I earned.  Not paying for your vacation is a excellent method to travel.

I am looking for company partners that are looking for a residence basedcruise 019 company that can easily earn them major your hard earned cash that likewise hope to earn a FREE CRUISE.  I have actually been in this company for four years since the product are absolutely amazing.  Ideal now this business is merging which is making an remarkable opportunity for those prepared to sign up with me as a company partner.  Contact me today so you can easily begin earning your Royal Caribbean Cruise!

I am Lynette Henk, XO Way of life Global Brand Partner.  I discuss Xocai healthy and balanced chocolate items and Chanda Zaveri Beverly Hills, CA anti-aging items including Skinhealix 180 Serum, Silk C Serum and Acne Dots.  Contact me today at (877) 208-8172 or email lynette@noglassceilinghere.com.

Are You Guilty Of Shrinking Your Dreams To Fit Your Paycheck? There Has To Be A Better Way.

coinsAre you tired of shrinking your dreams to fit your paycheck? It is time to stop giving in to living paycheck to paycheck and the doubts that you could make it on your own.  It is your time to finally take a stand. Today is the day you can start dreaming again. I am asking you to trust me and let’s go on this amazing journey together. Right now you are at a crossroads. You need to decide what to do.  You can decide to do nothing and keep things the way they have always been or right now you can decide to make a change.  It is up to you.

I am Lynette Henk, XO Lifestyle Worldwide brand partner in Punta Gorda, Florida.  I have been involved with Xocai healthy chocolate for the last four years.  I am so excited about the opportunity the merger of Xocai healthy chocolate of Reno, Nevada and Chanda Zaveri of Beverly Hills, CA and her Skinhealix line brings to the table.

If you are an entrepreneur looking for a good stable debt free company with amazing products and an outstanding commission structure, you just found what you are looking for.  We have a new company, a fantastic new president Brad Stewart, amazing products and two visionary women, Chanda Zaveri and Jeanette Brooks.  Ask me how you can quickly earn a Royal Caribbean Cruise with a balcony cabin and quickly advance in rank.  Now IS the time.  Call me at (877) 208-8172, email lynette@noglassceilinghere.com or visit NoGlassCeilingHere.com.

Xocai Omega Squares With Fish Oil Alternative, Cold Pressed Chocolate With Omega 3, 6 and 9

cropped-Chocopieces1.jpgMillions of people are discovering the benefits of fish oil supplements but can’t stand the way them make them feel.  Many complain of repeated burping. Lately there has been some attention aimed towards cold pressed enteric omega 3 supplements, but are they worth it? In this article you’ll learn a few things that most people don’t know about cold pressed enteric omega 3 capsules.

You see, a lot of manufacturers and companies make claims that their products are the best out there. But you have to look for proof when you hear claims like that. I’m not saying that all cold pressed enteric omega 3 supplements are bad. However, my experience has not been good with them.

Many companies also use cold pressed enteric coated tablets to mask the rancidity of their fish oil. This simply means that the omega-3 fish oil has gone bad and is not to be used by anyone if they want to keep their health intact.

There are two kinds of enteric coated omega-3 supplements out there. One is water-based and another one is solvent-based. The solvent-based is a lot cheaper and quicker to use. The safety of the solvent-based type has been questioned by many scientists.

The solvent-based enteric coating is used by a few companies. It is, like I said above, used sometimes mask the rancidity of the fish oil.

Then you have the water-based type, which is more expensive, but a lot safer and also used by high-quality pharmaceutical companies.

The bottom line is that there are not many nutritional ingredients xobioticebay3that require enteric coating. It is mainly used to stop nutrients from getting destroyed in your stomach by your stomach acid. For fish oils this is not necessary, and if you look at products that claim to have enteric coating, you will see that they are a lot more expensive.

I always want to see clinical trials and independent reviews done in the products that I’m about to buy. I have never seen an omega-3 supplement that was cold pressed enteric coated win over a high quality normal omega-3 fish oil. I highly encourage you to do your research and discover what I’m saying is true.

I get my Omega 3, 6 and 9 in my Xocai cold pressed chocolate.  The Xocai Omega Squares by XO Lifestyle taste amazing.  They have an orange chocolate taste as they are made with flax seed which is a great source of Omega 3, 6, and 9.

Order your Omega Squares at GoColdPressed.com or contact Lynette Henk at (877) 208-8172.  You can also email me directly at lynette@noglassceilinghere.com.  Find out how you can get paid sharing the XO Xocai healthy chocolate products and Chanda Zaveri Beverly Hills anti-aging products.  Contact me today!


Cold Pressed Peanut Butter Cups and Dark Chocolate Nugget Bars

2013071015295076350Putting a smile on a child’s face is one of the most rewarding things you can do as an adult. Whether it is a birthday, special event or Christmas time, giving a great gift is a fantastic feeling. However, in today’s modern society it can be quite difficult to find an original present that a child is going to be excited by. Many kids have all kinds of interactive and super technological toys and computerised games that keep them busy and, even if you have the money to buy something that big, it is difficult when you are not sure of what they already have. This is why a lot of people are turning to homemade gifts, crafting and personalised presents to ensure they give something completely different.

One of the most popular trends for presents for kids is with cold pressed chocolate bars. These are cold pressed dark chocolate bars of healthy smooth Belgian chocolate in wrappers. Young children generally love eating chocolate and parents won’t feel bad since they are giving their children or grandchildren healthy chocolate which is a high antioxidant superfood.  Many children ask for personalized stationery for school and personalized door notices as they like to have a sense of ownership and “being grown up”. Giving them a customized gift and healthy chocolate is a great way of putting a smile on their face.

Kids also love chocolate and although it is not the healthiest thing for them to eat, it is a yummy part of a balanced diet.  They won’t realize that the Xocai healthy chocolate is actually good for them.  Also, many children see being allowed sweets and treats as part of a reward system and so a healthy chocolate bar is the perfect solution. and a great way to congratulate them for their achievements. A lot of parents, grandparents and godparents are giving out Xocai healthy  chocolate bars to give children for starting a new school year or finishing the school year well. Similarly kids are also being given little token gifts as a “well done” for trying really hard at their exams, or even for having behaved themselves at school.  Little do they know that they are eating a high antioxidant treat!

For birthdays, Xocai healthy chocolate bars are a great little gift.   Healthy dark chocolate is also a great idea if one of your children’s friends is having a birthday as, although you may not know the child very well, the Xocai healthy peanut butter cups are also a great choice along with the birthday gift. If your child is having a birthday party to celebrate, it is worth having a goody bag of healthy chocolate for every child in the party bags. It is a much more personal touch and a great little keepsake if you write each child’s name on the birthday gift bags.

Christmas time is an especially hard time for buying children gifts as, as outlined before, it is difficult to know what they want and which are their favourite toys and why? Also, although there are Christmas trends, you do not want to buy something and it turns out to be the wrong kind of toy, or something they simply do not like. It can also be quite complicated when you have lots of friends’ and families’ children to buy for and you simply do not know where to begin. XOcai healthy chocolate is so easy and affordable for you, but also such a great little present for them, it can be a fantastic Christmas gift. These XO Lifestyle Xobiotic chocolate bars are ideal Christmas presents. If designed with a cheery message written on from “Father Christmas”, they make especially great stocking fillers which show that Santa has thought about them. This is bound to put a smile on their face!

With more and more kids wanting technology and huge presents, it islynette difficult to find fun, affordable and exciting presents that will not break the bank but will still keep kids happy. As there are so many different opportunities to give them gifts, including Xocai Nuggets or Power Squares as mini chocolate bars may just be the answer.

I am Lynette Henk, Xocai XO Lifestyle distributor.  Order direct at ColdPressedChocolate.com or call me at (877) 208-8172.  Ask me about our wholesale specials.

Asia Women Enjoy Health Benefits of Camellia and Tea Seed Oil

silkcserumCamellia oil has been used in parts of Asia by women to nourish  skin and hair for centuries. The way it penetrates so quickly, leaves the skin with  a non greasy feel. It may help reduce fine lines, acne scarring, and the appearance of pores and diminish pregnancy stretch marks.

The health benefits of camellia oil or tea seed oil are helpful for people who suffer from ulcers and heartburn. They say the oil has been used on skin wounds to help with healing.

When Camellia oil is used for cooking, the oil has been recognized for low levels of saturated fats. It  contains high levels of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids which are essential for good health.  Xocai Omega squares are also a great way to get Omega 3, 6 and 9 in flaxseed.  Yummy and oh so good for you!

Camellia oil can also be used as an emollient for dry skin. It is light and an easily absorbed oil that can be used as a moisturizer for dry and rough skin. Camellia oil is thought to help prevent and smooth wrinkles and stretch marks and heal scars. It contains Vitamins A, B, C, E and Polyphenols.  Polyphenols also found in Xocai cold pressed dark chocolate, are natural antioxidants that safeguard your skin from the damaging effects of UV/environmental exposure and free radicals.  Another great reason to eat XO Lifestyle Xocai chocolate products.

I am Lynette Henk, Xocai and XO Lifestyle distributor.  Visit me at MyChocolateVitamins.com or at (877) 208-8172.  Xocai has launched with Chanda Zaveri of Beverly Hills California.  She has many patented anti-aging products.  During our pre-launch you can become a brand partner and get paid to share these amazing products.  Contact me for details!


Chanda Zaveri Skinhealix Silk C Serum Is Changing Lives in Florida

silkcChanda Zaveri Skinhealix Silk C Serum is changing lives right here in Punta Gorda and Naples Florida.  The rewards of supplement C are many.  Those that notice the rewards of Skinhealix Silk C Serum firsthand are thrilled.  Chanda Zaveri of Beverly Hills, CA has actually made an remarkable product you merely should try!

The XO Way of life Skinhealix Silk C Serum is medically proven to boost your skin’s Total Appearance. Get hold of that Youthful Look along with our Silk C Serum.  

Contact Lynette Henk to pre-order the XO Skinhealix Silk C Serum offered in September of 2014.  Exclusive personal boutiques and salons will certainly additionally be carrying her products.  If you are an owner of a hair, nail or facial salon or spa, contact me right away to Get hold of access to Chanda Zaveri’s Beverly Hills patented anti-maturing items prior to the total public.  Ask regarding the pre-launch group offered until September 17th.  This is the optimal selection to contain these remarkable items for your customers.  Not offered in stores, just offered if the owner is a XO Way of life brand partner.  Contact me today for details at (877) 208-8172, at lynette@noglassceilinghere.com or at TiredOfAging.com.


Acne Myths Tyra Banks Breakout Video

Over the years, a variety of myths have arisen about the worlds most prevalent skin disease acne. Do any of these myths have a basis in fact, or are all these so-called acne facts simply made up and believed by people desperate for a cure?
Myth 1: Acne is caused by poor hygiene.
Fact: The main cause of acne is hormonal in nature. While it is necessary to keep your skin clean, washing your face twice a day with a mild soap will suffice. Extensive scrubbing at your skin will only cause your acne to worsen.
Myth 2: Only teenagers get acne
Fact: Anyone can experience acne. It is considered a teenagers disease by many people because the heightened hormonal activity during puberty can cause acne to form more frequently on the skin of a teenager. Acne can occur at any age from infancy late into adulthood and is particularly visible during periods of heightened hormonal activity.
Myth 3: Acne is caused by what you eat.
Fact: Scientists have found no proof linking the formation of acne to what you eat. However, it is possible to ensure a healthy skin by watching what you eat, including plenty of fresh vegetables in your diet, and not going wild with the junk food.
Myth 4: Acne is caused by stress.
Fact: While stress can have many negative effects on your body, including damaging your skin and increasing the production of harmful hormones, it is not a cause of acne.
Myth 5: Toothpaste cures acne.
Fact: The combination of ingredients in toothpaste work together to protect your teeth and are not intended to be used on the surface of your skin. Toothpaste can dry out your skin and increase inflammation, thus worsening any outbreak of acne.
Myth 6: Acne is caused by dirt getting into the pores.
Fact: Acne occurs when the pores of the skin become blocked with sebum and dead skin cells. It is quite possible for bacteria that is normally found on the surface of your skin to become trapped inside the pore. When this clogged pore pushes through the surface of the skin, it oxidises and becomes a darker colour making it appear that there is dirt inside.
Myth 7: The rays of the sun can heal acne.
Fact: While the rays of the sun can temporarily dry out the excess sebum in the skin, prolonged exposure to the sun can result in more serious health threats such as skin cancer.
Acne is a serious skin issue for teens and adults.  Some people suffer with chronic acne for years.  I am thankful for the Chanda Zaveri of Beverly Hills, CA Skinhealix Acne Dots.  Try them and see how quickly you can experience improved skin.  This new product is available exclusively through XO Lifestyle starting in September of 2014.  Call (877) 208-8172, email lynette@noglassceilinghere.com or at AcneMarketplace.com.

Acne Home Remedies in Beverly Hills 90210

Acne is an embarrassing common skin disorder that affects mostly young people during puberty. However, it is not limited to only young people. For most people, acne tends to subside by the time they reach their mid-20s. Some may continue to have problems well into their 40s.

Lynette Henk (877) 208-8172

Lynette Henk (877) 208-8172

There are various causes for acne such as hormone imbalance in the adolescent and adults, pregnancy, menstrual periods and menopause in women. Other factors like oral contraceptives, makeup, poor diet, and pollutants also contribute to acne problems.

There are many ways to treat acne. Acne can be treated with conventional methods or by natural remedies. If you choose conventional methods, you will have to consider how to deal with the side effects of the medicines.

If you rely on home remedies, you are mostly free from the side effects and the costly medicines involved. Another advantage of the natural remedy is that, they yield good results. A few of the acne home remedies are discussed below. Consider these remedies and experience their healing potential for your ailment.

Mash the pulp of an over-ripe papaya very well and apply it on the face. Gently rub it into the skin and try to avoid the eyes. Leave it on the face for about 20 minutes and when it is a little bit dry, wash it off with warm water and dry the skin with a towel.

Massage some coconut oil into the skin and leave it on for about an hour, then wash it off with warm water to get rid of the oiliness. Do not use soap to wash the skin. Undertake this treatment program for about 5 days. This will help the skin to be healthy. Try to repeat the treatment after two months.

Oatmeal and yogurt treatment for acne also works well. Mix a tablespoon of oatmeal with enough yoghurt to make a paste. Add a little bit of turmeric to it and apply it to the face and leave it on until it dries. Wash it off with warm water. Do this a few times and you’ll begin to see results.

There are some strong homeopathic remedies that can treat acne. One of them is Sulphur which will detoxify the body through the skin. Sulphur can be used for reddish, inflamed acne pustules that may be sore or itchy. This remedy is safe to use for all ages. Use it as directed on container. You can get Sulphur at vitamin shops.

Pulsatilla is another valuable homeopathic remedy which is ideal for acne spots that have emerged in response to a rich and fatty diet. These spots may be worse at a time of major hormonal shifts such as puberty time, menstrual period, after pregnancy and approaching the time of menopause. No matter how serious the acne situation is, pulsatilla can speed up the recovery. Take the dosage as directed on the container.

You can rely on Black Walnut leaves for treating acne. These are useful medicinally for their wound –healing properties. Make a decoction by boiling cut or powdered leaves to take internally. Add 5 teaspoons of plant material (powdered leaves, chopped leaves, or chopped roots) to 200 ml of water. Boil for about 10 minutes and let it steep for a few minutes before straining and drinking the liquid. Drink a small glass three times daily. If diarrhea develops, reduce the amount being consumed.

I am Lynette Henk, XO Lifestyle Worldwide Brand Partner.  I love the new Skinhealix Acne Dots by Chanda Zaveri of Beverly Hills, California. The results I have seen are dramatic.  This new product line will be available in September of 2014.  Contact me to pre-order at (877) 208-8172, email lynette@noglassceilinghere.com or visit AcneMarketplace.com.

Change Your Life With Chocolate!