Support Energy Levels

Support energy levels with a powerful blend of natural caffeine. Skip the high sugar, highly caffeinated energy drinks and stick with a healthier option. Start your day right with a tasty beverage you can pour into water. Simply shake it up and enjoy. It is a great way to support a healthy metabolism, energy levels, mood and your gut microbiome.

XeTRM Pink Drink
XeTRM Pink Drink is a great option for your Best Day Ever.

Stay Energized

A powerful blend of natural caffeine from green tea extract, yerba mate, guarana, L-Theanine and chromium picolinate help you stay energized throughout the day. A proprietary blend of acai, blueberry and cocoa gives you the antioxidant boost you need. It’s a great way to Support energy levels.

Benefits of Gut Health

According to the article “Why Gut Health Matters More Than You Think” by Well. org,

“Everyone needs to understand the importance of gut health not only because there are trillions of  microbes in the gut  but because they play many roles in the body. This collection of microbes is called the microbiota and a person’s entire well-being depends on how well it functions.”

Key Ingredients

Guarana is a plant native to the Amazon known to support energy.

L-Theanine is an amino acid frequently used in energy and exercise performance products.

Panax Ginseng provides a variety of health benefits including supporting immune function.

A plant native to the Amazon known to support energy
An amino acid frequently used in energy
and exercise performance products
Panax Ginseng
Provides a variety of health benefits
including supporting immune function
Proprietary Digestive Blend including Inulin and Bacillus coagulans for gut health

Healthy Option

This healthy option is a great way to start your day and also a perfect choice for that afternoon slump to keep you going. In addition to the key ingredients, you will also find Theobromine, Yerbe Mate Extract, Green tea leaf extract (50% polyphenols) antioxidants and Redmond’s Real Salt® Trace Mineral Blend, Support energy levels with XeTRM. Some even call this a KETO hack or the Pink Drink Diet, because it is KETO friendly and helps to curb cravings. Try it today.

Affordable & Good For You

With the cost of everything going up with the economy, it is difficult to find affordable options that are good for you. Xe TRM is seriously one of the most affordable options out there. Each affordable energy pack includes 30 stick packs that you mix in water. When you order the value pack, you save even more and can mix and match between the Wild Berry Pink Drink and the Crisp Apple flavor.I love the taste so much that I crave it. It is delicious. At our house, both flavors are popular so we always go with the mix and match value pack. You save an extra $10 and get $5 shipping!


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