Corinth, Maine residents were thrilled to find out that many of them are eligible for a free benefit they did not realize they could receive.  Anyone who is a social security recipient and is eligible for Medicare may qualify.  

If you qualify for Medicare insurance in Corinth, you may have picked a Medicare Advantage Plan.  Many of these plans include a free health club or gym membership through the Silver Sneakers program.  This program offers special Silver Sneaker classes at many locations that are specific to the needs of seniors.  This can be quite a savings for seniors and disabled individuals. 

In Maine, the following insurance companies participate in the plan:

AARP MedicareComplete® by UnitedHealthcare
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Corinth, Maine residents who qualify for the Silver Sneakers plan can obtain their free membership at:

Corinth Health & Fitness

Address: 2 Village Dr.   Corinth, ME 04427
Phone: (207) 285-7888

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