What foods to eat on the KETO diet plan

Some of my very best customers are following the KETO diet plan. From what I am told, they struggle with cravings and having something they can quickly grab that fits in the KETO guidelines. I get it, I am the same way. I need it easy and fast if I want to maintain my diet goals. Since so many of the Beyond products are KETO, I thought I would share the most popular KETO low carb products.

Well Beyond Keto Healthy Chocolate

Keto Diet Plan Options That Taste Great Do Exist!

Beyond makes two healthy chocolates that are both KETO friendly!

Beyond Power Square & Beyond Xobiotic: These chocolates are 35 calories per piece, 1 net carb and 1 gram sugar. They make a great choice for a healthy chocolate keto snack diet plan. They truly are a healthy snack option as each piece is equal in antioxidants to eating over 1 pound of raw spinach. Not bad for belgian chocolate!

XeTRM: This drink comes in a powder stick pack that you mix with water. This berry flavored drink tastes great, helps with energy, curbs cravings and helps with burning belly fat. 1 calorie. 0 carbs and 0 sugar.

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XeTRM Keto Diet Energy Drink Stick Pack

Following the KETO diet plan can be a challenge but I love that it can keep you at your goal weight. These products can help you stay focused on your goal. Find out what so many of my customers have learned. These taste delicious, are good for you and help you stay focused on the KETO life.

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