It is National Chocolate Month for a reason.  Over Valentine’s Day, Chocolate must fly out the door at every premium chocolate store in the nation.  Pretty much anyone who is married, dating or involved with a significant other knows the drill.  You must remember your sweetie for Valentine’s Day on February 14th.  In fact, to forget may have dire consequences.  Even more important, if you are told not to worry about it, ignore comment and go back to the previous statement.  Do not forget your Valentine.  The bottom line is we all want to matter and know that we are loved.  Valentine’s Day is a great time to let your significant other know that you truly care.  

What exactly do you give your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day?  Yes, you could go to Jared and spend some big bucks on jewelry but in the current economy, most of us want to do something on a smaller scale.  A nice dinner is a great choice and perhaps flowers.  Short on funds?  How about a nice picnic lunch?  Yes I am in Florida and the weather is warm enough for that.  Even if you are in a colder climate you can still do an indoor picnic lunch.  Put out a nice blanket on the floor, have a nice lunch or dinner, a few candles and voila, perfect Valentine’s Day meal.

Most men and many women are not thrilled with a bouquet of flowers, so for them I usually suggest a box of premium chocolates.  This year though, why not up your game a little?  Give your favorite guy or gal a variety pack of Healthy Chocolate.  I mean we love our Valentine’s and want them to be around for quite a while.  So why not give them something that tastes amazing,is heart healthy and chocked full of antioxidants that are proven to enhance health.  This chocolate is cold pressed, not heated or dutched like the traditional chocolate and does not have the waxes, fillers and processed sugars like traditional store bought chocolate.  So even if your sweetheart is watching their weight or is diabetic this is the perfect choice. This chocolate is diabetic friendly and lower calorie.  One power square for example has just 33 calories.  In fact, this is the only chocolate I know of that has the antioxidant value normally found in up to 8-10 servings of fruits and vegetables.  Your valentine will receive something good for them, but still yummy premium Belgian chocolate that they will love.  The best of both worlds.

Order the Valentine Day Special Variety Pack which includes a box of Nuggets, Power Squares, Xobiotic Squares & Omega Squares.  This is a full month supply for just $124.95 shipped.  What a great way for you and your sweetie to try out the best chocolate on the planet.  (In my humble opinion!) 

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