Well Beyond, the makers of XO healthy chocolate products, is a successful multi-levelxolove2marketing company founded in 2005 that develops and sells high antioxidant healthy solid chocolate products, weight loss products, energy and longevity products, and skin care and beauty products in the Punta Gorda and Sarasota Florida area.

Well Beyond Corporation is in its ninth year of business in Punta Gorda Florida with totalsales of over $350 million. Well Beyond’s home office is located in Reno, Nevada.  Well Beyond Chocolate has established business operations in Punta Gorda Florida in the United States, Canada, and 28 foreign countries with a database of approximately 260,000 members worldwide.

Products are shipped directly to customers and members in Punta Gorda and Sarasota Florida from its regional warehouses in the United States, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Netherlands, South Africa, and Sweden. Well Beyond members in Punta Gorda Florida purchase Well Beyond products for resale or personal consumption and because they have noticed the health benefits of increased antioxidants.

Well Beyond Corporation has a proven track record in Florida of consistently developing and marketing the most cutting edge high antioxidant cacao based products. Well Beyond’s newest product, XO XoLove Chocolate Love Bites, the perfect love food for couples,  continues the cutting edge trend with more antioxidants per gram than any other Well Beyond product.

Well Beyond’s has an impressive history of product development as follows:

  • 2006: XO Nuggets, XO Omega Squares, XO Activ
  • 2007: XO X Power Squares
  • 2008: Sipping Chocolate, Powerhouse Cookie
  • 2009: XO Solid Chocolates Variety Pack, XO Xobiotic Squares
  • 2010: XO Xe Healthy Energy Drink, XO High Antioxidant Meal Replacement Shake (Chocolate Diet plan–Used in RIPPED AND RICH program)
  • 2011: XO Peanut Butter Cup, Protein Cookie
  • 2012: XoVitality Anti Aging Capsules
  • 2013: Beyond Beauty Cream Anti Aging Skin Cream, Beyond Beauty Cream Anti Aging Cleanser and Serum, Beyond Beauty Cream System, Beyond Beauty Cream Nano Cacao Shampoo and Conditioner
  • 2014: XO XoLove Bites

Well Beyond continues to plan for future high antioxidant products to distribute to the Punta Gorda Florida area making it an excellent choice for a home based business in Southwest Florida.

wpid-lynette.pngWell Beyond products are routinely and regularly tested by independent third parties. The Nutritional Facts printed on Well Beyond product labels for products sold in Tampa, Punta Gorda Florida and Sarasota  are based upon the results of analysis performed by independent testing organizations.

The Nutritional Facts for the solid chocolate products (Nuggets, X power Squares, Omega Squares, Xobiotic Squares and XoLove Bites) are provided by CANTEST, Canada’s leading analytical laboratory. The Nutritional Facts for the rest of the Well Beyond products are provided by Miller Laboratories, a chemistry and microbiology testing laboratory in Ogden, Utah.

The antioxidant content (ORAC value) of Well Beyond products are determined by independentfarmmarketdomaintesting and analysis by Brunswick Laboratories, a leader in antioxidant science located in Massachusetts. Many Well Beyond products participate in Brunswick Laboratories’ more rigorous Certified Program and are authorized to carry the seal of Brunswick Lab Certified ORAC testing.

Well Beyond continues to be a debt free company, offering great potential for individual members across the country. Well Beyond is a United States corporation located in Nevada in good standing.

Click here to read the official legal response from XO.

Here is a short video about the XO cacao commitment to social responsibility:


I am Lynette Henk, a XO healthy chocolate member in Southwest Florida. I have been involved with XO since May of 2010. I am thrilled to share the health benefits of increased antioxidants and healthy chocolate products online and in Punta Gorda, Boca Grande, Englewood, and Sarasota. Our valued Naples customers recommend the new Xolove chocolate love bites, as they are a great way to increase passion in the bedroom as well as meeting your daily antioxidant needs. Florida entrepreneurs can supplement their income by cashing in on or high-demand Florida healthy chocolate market. To learn more about Our XO business, visit my website at LiveForChocolate.com.

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