June Vacay 021I wondered if there would ever be an end to the fiscal cliff negotiations. It really does not even matter at this point if you are a Democrat or a Republican. Honestly this fiscal cliff issue was such a major issue for the majority of middle class families and for small business. Thank God the house and the senate along with VP Biden and President Obama figured something out in January. Talk about the last minute! Well now that I don’t have to worry about paying an extra $3,000 or more in taxes, now I can feel free to focus on what is important in my life.  


I am 49 now and honestly just tired of being heavy all the time. I have photo 2my own health issues and I am anxious to lose the rest of the weight. Last year I was able to lose 50 pounds on the Chocolate Diet. I was so thrilled with the smaller clothing sizes and the fun shopping after losing some weight. I never really had the desire to lose ALL the weight. Now however, I just want to lose the last 70 pounds for once and for all. You see, I had sworn off dieting completely after yo yo dieting for so long on Weight Watchers, The Atkins Diet and the starvation diet. Finally I found the diet that was featured on the cover of the American Journal of Bariatric Medicine. This diet works! Even better it tastes fantastic. AND, it is CHOCOLATE!!

So today is day 1 of my 90 day challenge. I am doing really good and am very excited. I am also looking to join my local health club so I can get some exercise and improve my bone strength.

How about you? Are you ready to make a change and join me? Lets lose the weight once and for all! Ask me for my favorite Chocolate Diet shake recipe. I would be glad to share my favorites.

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I am Lynette Henk, Well Beyond Chocolate Worldwide Brand Partner.  (Formerly known as Beyond healthy chocolate)  I gave up the corporate grind working for GE Capital and uBid Online Auction to stay home with the family and raise my children.  I have been sharing the health and wealth benefits of healthy chocolate for the last four years and I have never looked back.  Right now you can join me on the ground floor of an amazing opportunity.  Call me at 941-216-5727 or email [email protected].