Dr. Gordon Pedersen Shares How to Neutralize Free Radicals by Eating Dark Chocolate: Dark Chocolates Can Be Good For You More reasons to eat dark healthy chocolateYou hear the words gluten free and dairy free diets often when individuals talk about health issues. For many chronic health issues, changes in diet can really make a difference. I have been recently diagnosed with MTHFR defects that make it difficult for my body to process folate. I learned that I should be on a gluten free and dairy free diet.

That said, gluten free and or dairy free diets can be a challenge. When I was told I should not eat gluten because it contains folate in a way I cannot process it, I thought it would be no big deal to cut gluten out of my diet. Now mind you, I had no idea what gluten even was except that it was in most wheat products.

As a heavier individual, I am concerned about calories and eating carefully. I was shocked to find out that many of the gluten free products including cereals, pastas and cookies are very high in calories as compared to the non gluten free options. After thinking I was going to be eating baked potatoes for the rest of my life, I was thrilled to find out that my favorite meal replacement shake is actually gluten free and dairy free. Thank God for small miracles! Every morning my oldest son and I have the XO X-protein meal replacement shake in double chocolate. It is very good and our recipe of choice includes frozen banana, peanut butter, ice and water. This shake is not mixed with milk but some prefer almond milk to the water we use.

As I navigate my gluten and dairy free options, I am thankful for treats like my XO Healthy Chocolate Nuggets and Power Squares. Also thankful that the Xobiotic chocolate that includes a probiotic, uses a dairy free option making this something we can eat as well.

For now I am going to continue my gluten free protein shake each morning and am It’s Okay To Give Your Hubby Dark Chocolate To Keep HIs Heart Healthy~ Heart Healthy Chocolates For Your Husbandthinking of juicing fruits and vegetables. Apparently potatoes are my friends as well which is not bad considering I love them. I am looking for help especially with gluten free options as I figure one step at a time will be good. So, if you have gluten free recipes that a family would eat, please pass them along. I am sure I am not the only one trying to figure out how to live gluten free.

I am Lynette Henk, XO Healthy Chocolate member. I can be reached at 941-216-5727, at [email protected] or at ColdPressedChocolate.com.


Lynette Henk is an experienced consultant, social media pro and mommy blogger. She gave up the corporate grind working at Fortune 500 GE Capital and Chicago based uBid Online Auction to enjoy the flexibility of working from home while raising her family.  She can be reached directly at 941-216-5727 or at LiveForChocolate.com.  Individuals interested in wholesale pricing and a buy 2, get 1 free deal please enter coupon code 160328 valid through 9/1.