KETO power squares

If you have been lucky enough to have tried these KETO chocolates, you know just how amazingly good they are. While on the KETO diet, there are foods that are not low carb that you need to avoid. Chocolate is not one of the things you need to avoid as long as you pick the low carb chocolate. Even better than the low carb chocolates are the healthy chocolates. The KETO power squares are one of the Well Beyond healthy chocolates that can help you follow your diet plan without the risk of cheating.

Beyond power
Beyond power squares

What is in KETO Chocolate?

The Well Beyond healthy chocolate are KETO friendly as stated on their packaging. Each individually wrapped chocolate is 1 net carb and 1 gram of sugar. At 1 net carb, this is a great go to snack. In addition, the Power Square is equal in antioxidants to over 1 pound of raw spinach. Not only do they offer up a tasty treat, Power Squares are full of nutrients that are good for you. KETO power squares for the win!

KETO snack options

String cheese and Laughing cow cheese can be a great KETO snack choice idea as well as pork rinds. Sometimes we need a little decadence and dark chocolate fits the bill perfectly. The KETO power squares are a favorite of mine. Another great choice is pepperoni or beef jerky.

Best KETO gift idea

There is actually something even better than buying KETO power squares for snacking, Giving the gift of KETO chocolate to a friend who does not know healthy chocolate exists is PRICELESS! It is a struggle to stay on any diet plan over the holidays. This is a perfect Christmas or holiday gift for your friends and family who follow KETO. It might even be the best ever!

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