Acne vulgaris otherwise known as chronic acne is a skin disease with pimples, scarring, blackheads, whiteheads and papules.  It is a difficult to treat skin condition that causes many to repeatedly seek the care of a dermatologist.  Many dermatolists prescribe isotretinoin, a potent oral retinoid, topical retinoids and even oral contraceptives for women as well as Corticosteroid Injections.

Now there is a breakthrough acne repair system made with peptides that can make all the difference.  Well Beyond and the revolutionary acne dots can transform your skin.  No longer do you need to suffer with acne, there has never been a product I have ever tried that has worked so well.  You deserve to have clear skin.

Dr. Gordon Pedersen shares in the youtube video above why this

Lynette Henk 941-216-5727

Lynette Henk 941-216-5727

acne treatment works so well and is so different than any other product on the market.  Dr. Pedersen is well qualified to talk on the Jeremy Reynolds, CEO Well-Beyond Well Beyond Acne system product line and why it works.  Here is his biography;

Dr. Gordon Pedersen has been Chief Science Officer of American Biotech Labs since April 2007 as well as a Vice President of a multi-national company with annual sales in excess of a billion dollars. Dr. Pedersen is an international best-selling author and formulator of more than 150 nutritional product.  He is the host of the radio show “Common Sense Medicine”. Dr. Pedersen serves as the director of the Institute of Alternative Medicine and was nominated to chair the United States Pharmacopoeia Review Board, Natural Products Committee. Dr. Pedersen is an acclaimed scientist and sought after professional speaker and nutritional expert. Dr. Pedersen has also authored a number of important protocols in virology. He received his Doctorate degree in Toxicology with an emphasis in Virology from Utah State University, and a Masters degree in Cardiac Rehabilitation and Wellness.

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