Did you know that “Healthy Chocolate” actually exists?    Yes, the Healthy Chocolate Company, Beyond Chocolate has the rights to the words Healthy Chocolate here in the United States as well as in Japan.  Serious stuff, not many can say they have healthy chocolate!

So what makes this Beyond chocolate healthy anyway?

chocolatediet11Beyond chocolate is cold pressed chocolate.  This means it is not heated, cooked or dutched like candy.  It does not have waxes or fillers like the processed chocolates you find in your local or high end stores.  Imagine eating chocolate and losing weight.  With traditional candy chocolate, this is not even something you would think about but with Beyond healthy chocolate it is a reality.

Now that it is January, 2015, it is time to focus on getting fit for the year.  A great way to do that is to start with Beyond chocolates.  Did you know that eating a piece of healthy chocolate three times a day, 20-30 minutes before each meal will curb your appetite?  I bet you did not know that the Beyond protein shake was actually featured on the cover of the Bariatrician, the American Journal of Bariatric Medicine where the average participant lost 31 pounds in just 12 weeks.  We can do this!  Join me as I lose my last 75 pounds.  What better way to lose weight than eating chocolate.

Every diet has a dark side, ours is chocolate!

Ijeanettelynettebranded can be reached at  877) 208-8172 or at MyChocolateVitamins.com. Be sure to order your Beyond healthy RIpped and Rich pack today.  It includes everything you need to lose the weight including the Beyond meal replacement protein shake, Beyond healthy chocolate nuggets and the Xe healthy energy drinks Bill O’Reilly mentioned on his show. am Lynette Henk, Beyond healthy chocolate company member.  I (

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