Mandy Ingber is a fitness expert to the stars.  One of her favorite clients is Jennifer Aniston.  We know Jennifer Aniston starting from Friends.  She was always looking amazing and now we know why.  I also like that Mandy Ingber shares flexibility in how we diet live and exercise.  She recommends we don’t beat ourselves up.  If you have that cupcake, she recommends you just drink some extra water and start the next day fresh.  I like her philosophy.  We don’t need to be so hard on ourselves.

June Vacay 015I recently read an article called “Jennifer Aniston’s yoga teacher Mandy Ingber shares her secrets to health and happiness” by NY Daily News Relax News.  What caught my attention was that Mandy Ingber mentioned one of her favorite post workout snacks was dark chocolate.  Since I am such a fan of chocolate, I was thrilled to hear this.  I have known for years that dark chocolate is good for you.  I am sure that Mandy knows the difference between healthy chocolate and candy chocolate.  For those that are not familiar, they are not the same.  Healthy chocolate is cold pressed chocolate, chocolate as close to raw as possible.  It is not heated or dutched like candy, there are no waxes, fillers, processed sugars or the things we try to avoid.  Instead healthy chocolate, like my favorite Beyond brand Xobiotic with probiotics is sweetened with acai and blueberry,  I also am a big fan of the Beyond nugget.  I love that the antioxidants are off the charts.  Eating just three pieces of dark chocolate Beyond Healthy Chocolate Co. Xobiotic squares is equal to 222,453 ORAC6 and 3,168mg flavonoids.  This makes the Beyond healthy chocolates a high antioxidant superfood and the perfect choice for a post workout snack or anytime.  I recommend that you eat at least three pieces a day.  A Beyond Healthy Chocolate Co. power square is just 33 calories and chock full of antioxidants.

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ICT ORAC6: A Seal of Superior Quality

The astounding ORAC 6 scores for Beyond’s various products come from ICT, an independent, third-party analytical laboratory that provides antioxidant testing for some of the world’s finest research institutions, corporations, and public organizations.  Beyond is enrolled in the ICT Certified Program, that requires products be tested several times each year.  ICT is an authoratative quality-assurance system that issues certification to products that have met strict criteria for the ORAC6 tests.  The program is designed to help consumers cut through the confusion about antioxidant values.

NOTE:  The Beyond test results are on the final finished product, not the ingredients.  

The Importance of ORAC

Developed by the USDA, the ORAC test is an assessment that measures the antioxidant content of foods.  The ChocopiecesORAC score helps consumers know if the foods they are considering are good sources of antioxidant nutrients.  Beyond’s products are some of the highest ORAC foods available today.

Antioxidant Scores – ORAC6 and Flavonoids(per daily serving)

Xoçai Product



Nuggets 131,000 2,800
Omega Squares 11,600 2,200
Peanut Butter Cups 35,570 196
X Power Squares 112,120 2,016
XoBiotic 222,450 3,170
Activ 116,000 5,676
Xe Energy Drink 81,670 382
High-Antioxidant Shake 104,600 1,700
XoLove Bites 163,300 1,580

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NY Daily News, Jennifer Aniston yoga teacher shares secrets to health and happiness