I hear this question often so thought we would cover it again on our HealthChocoholic.com blog. Is Dark Chocolate a Paleo food? Technically the cavemen were not eating chocolate by the bar, however since the health benefits are so substantial with healthy pure dark chocolate, it is allowed and often encouraged on Paleo plans.  According to PaleoPlans, “Although chocolate is not Paleo in the sense that our cavemen ancestors weren’t eating it by the bar, dark chocolate  is allowed in moderation on the Paleo diet, in part due to the numerous health benefits that have been correlated with the cacao component of chocolate.

Truly the key to remember here is that every single chocolate bar you find at the store, even your favorite health food store, is not necessarily going to be your best choice. So running out for your favorite candy bar from back in the day is not going to cut it. No, you want quality chocolate that is not heated like candy. Chocolspinach-300x3001ate without waxes, fillers and processed sugars is what you want. Ideally a healthy chocolate that is diabetic friendly, gluten free, vegetarian and even kosher. Thankfully a product like this does exist. Here’s why it matters: Raw cacao which is used to make chocolate is chock full of antioxidants and flavanols. You will want a product that actually verifies the amount of antioxidants in each piece. Make sure you pick a product that does not use standard chocolate processing. ” Beyond™ X Power Squares use cacao that boasts eight times the levels of epicatechins and catechins, and four times the levels of procyanidins than cacao produced with standard processing.” Beyond Power Squares are available in 60 count and 138 count boxes. Ideally you want to eat 3-5 pieces each day spaced out morning through evening. You will love this decadent, health treat.

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You will find adding beyond Healthy Chocolate to your Paleo diet plan is a great way to stay on plan.  The ability to enjoy decadent belgian chocolate whenever you have a craving or a taste for something sweet makes it so much easier to focus on a healthy lifestyle.


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