fmmarketxocaiAs a mother of an adult autistic child, I am always left wondering if there is something I could have done to improve my sons health while I was pregnant.  As Moms, we feel responsible for our childrens health.  It was not until many years later, when I developed a chronic disease that had me questioning if I could have passed on some genetic predisposition to autism or attention deficit disorder.  Years before my son was oficially diagnosed with autism, he was diagnosed with ADD.

I now find out that two of our children have the MTHFR gene defects like I do and that there is a link to my chronic disease and my MTHFR gene mutations.  My brothers death in his early 40’s has made me realize how fragile our lives really are.  I have learned that good nutrition is more important than any new car, house or any possessions I could ever want.  About three years ago I started feeding my children, my husband and I a functional food called XO Healthy Chocolate.  This high antioxidant superfood was the best thing for us.  XO healthy chocolate products are gluten free, vegan, clean and low calorie as compared to regular chocolate.  One XO Power Square is just 33 calories!

Not only is this chocolate the best belgian chocolate I have ever tasted, it is also a high antioxidant superfood due to its cold processed method.  XO is the category creator for Healthy Chocolate.  This is the best functional food you can feed your family.  This is a high antioxidant superfood.  If you find that you also suffer with a MTHFR defect, make sure that you are eating lots of antioxidants in the form of fruits, vegetable and cold pressed XO chocolate.  You will also appreciate that our Xobiotic chocolate with probiotic is dairy free and gluten free.  Our XO chocolate meal replacement shake is also gluten free.  You may not be able to convince your kids to eat 8-10 servings of fruit and vegetables every day but I bet they will have no problem eating chocolate!

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It was the best decision I ever made.  I am Lynette Henk, Beyond The Healthy Chocolate Co Gold Executive Consultant.  I can be reached at 941-216-5727, email me at [email protected] or at