I recently read an article about a healthy sugar called Palatinose™. Palatinose™ is natural and non-gmo. It is found naturally in honey, sugar
cane, and sugar beet. I was very interested to find out what the potential health benefits of Palatinose are considering I am already in love with a new healthy energy drink that is made with Palatinose™. I found out from Well Beyond, makers of the Xe Energy Lite energy drink that “Palatinose™ and its sustained energy supply has several benefits.

No wonder they call it the energy multiplier! Unlike most sugars and starches, Palatinose™ does not block fat burning. Studies in children and the elderly show the potential of Palatinose™ with its steady and sustained glucose supply in
memory performance and mood.”

Honestly when I found out that the Xe Lite Energy Drink I have been enjoying every day has Palatinose™ which is actually shown to burn fat, lets just say I was a little excited. The energy drinks are just 80 calories, are a healthy energy drink that really helps when you reach that slump in your day when you want to take a break. To find out it is also helpful with fat burning, well that is a HUGE BONUS!

What benefits can Xe Lite energy drinks provide?

• Enhances performance

• Supports endurance

• Increases energy

• Promotes alertness, mental clarity, and focus

• Provides sustained and longer lasting energy levels

In the article the health benefits of  functional carbohydrate Palatinose, From Food & Beverage Industry news had this to say about the benefits of Palatinose™, “The study results showed that each low glycaemic modulated meal could move the participants’ substrate oxidation – the process of generating energy within the cells from food consumed – from carbohydrate oxidation to a higher fat oxidation, thus promoting fat burning and subsequently, over time, help in weight management.”

I say bring on the fat burning! I am ordering an extra case right away! It is time to switch over to a healthy energy drink! Let the fat burning begin!

Order a few cases of Xe Lite for yourself and see just how beneficial and delicious Xe Lite is! Pay just $75 shipped per case! Preferred customers even qualify for Free Product every third month for the first year if you would like to order on subscription. (Cancel anytime!)

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