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The Ask Dr. Sears website has this to say about the Standard American Diet, (SAD) “If you were to list the factors that increase the risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke, intestinal disorders – just about any illness – the standard American diet has them all:

High in animal fats

High in unhealthy fats: saturated, hydrogenated

Low in fiber

High in processed foods

Low in complex carbohydrates

Low in plant-based foods”

Nutrition for your family is important and it is clear that the Standard American Diet is not doing any of us any favors. So what can we do? Making changes is never easy and most of us are unwilling to juice all of our meals for the rest of our life or switch to a 100% plant based diet. Perhaps you have been noticing health issues creeping up on you and your family members as you age. Is there a way to make simple easy changes that can help make a difference?

Clearly changing diet, getting rid of processed foods and paying attention to the labels on the foods you purchase at the grocery store are all important. But what if I told you there was actually something you could do to start you on your path to improved health that was truly easy, painless and delicious? Is that something that would interest you?

I am talking about including medicinal healthy chocolate into your daily diet. YES! Eating 3-4 pieces of healthy dark medicinal chocolate daily can provide a serious increase in antioxidants and cocoa flavonoids. In fact, just one 35 calorie 1 gram sugar Beyond Healthy Chocolate is equal to over 1 pound of raw spinach in antioxidant content. WOW!!!


There is just one Healthy Chocolate here in the United States and Japan. All chocolate is not the same. You want chocolate that has not been heated or dutched at high temperatures. In fact, the best thing you can do is find chocolate without waxes, fillers and processed sugars. I highly recommend Well Beyond Healthy Chocolate. There is nothing like it on the market!

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