Beyond Healthy Chocolate is now offering Keto Friendly healthy chocolate available in four flavors. Choose from Beyond Nuggets, XoLove Bites, Xobiotic Squares with probiotic and Power Squares.

Great news for KETO fans.

Each Beyond individually wrapped chocolate is 35 calories, 1 gram sugar and 1 net carb. Equal in antioxidants to a full pound of raw spinach, the health benefits of this delicious dark belgian chocolate are many.

Order a sample of KETO friendly Beyond Chocolate at

Beyond Healthy Dark Chocolate will now have the two new Icons on our packaging: KETO Friendly and VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY.

This KETO friendly chocolate is flying off the shelves at our local farmers market here in Southwest Florida. Order your KETO CHOCOLATE at or call us today at (941) 676-7300.

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