Could $500 a month change your life?

Could $500 a month change your life? If someone had asked me that years ago, I would have said yes! I remember back years ago when I was a stay at home mom raising three young boys. I was pulling my hair out trying to keep things together figuratively and literally as my husband worked long hours to provide a roof over our head and food on the table. At that time, I had given up a corporate management position at GE Capital to stay home and raise the kids. By the time you factor in daycare, business clothes and transportation costs, it was pretty much a wash if I stayed home or not. Choosing to be a one income family in this day and age is daunting. At the time, $500 a month extra would have made a big difference for our family.

What would you do with an extra $500 a month?

I tried to figure out how to earn extra income while taking care of our kids, two of which had special needs. One had physical, speech and occupational therapy three times a week and the costs of medical care for our youngest were staggering. We were in over our heads and did our best to tread water. I did licensed home daycare for a while until I was overwhelmed, sold on ebay and did some other work from home jobs that paid significantly less than what I was worth. It wasn’t til the kids were a bit older that I would learn about a life changing opportunity that could provide the income I needed and the flexibility for our family. Could $500 a month change your life?

In this health and wellness home based business, some have earned well over a million dollars, some have earned $1200 in a week or even $4700 in 2 weeks. Others are happy investing part-time and earning $500 a month. I think back to the days when my kids were little and we were struggling with the repercussions of our choice for me to be a stay at home parent to our three littles. Could $500 a month change your life?

An extra $500 a month would have been life changing. With $500 a month, we could have planned a trip to take the kids to Disney World for a nice family vacation, we could have taken the kids on a cruise, planned more family outings and gave their dad the choice to not work those extra overtime hours and be able to have more down time with the family. We could have had more money in savings for emergencies, we could have started those college funds we talked about, we could have paid for private school tuition or tutoring or even bought more life insurance. The bottom line is that just $500 a month could have given us choices.

Maybe you are finding yourself in the boat I was in so many years ago. Perhaps you are wondering what you would do with an extra $500 a month. There are many advantages to owning a home based business including tax savings. Check with your tax advisor about all the deductions you can claim, they are significant. One year I took our IRS tax refund and changed our life. I started my path to financial freedom. Could $500 a month change your life? Yes, I bet it could.

Take Control!

Now is the time to take control of your future and have fun and meet like minded people while doing it. People who want to enjoy life, have fun and earn the income that puts you on the path to creating the wealth you dreamed of.

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Be well. Do good. Have more.