I am loving this drink that improves my mood and makes my brain work better.

I am going to be honest, I tried a new healthy energy drink with happy chocolate simply because it helps with weight loss and curbing the appetite. Some of us are always struggling with weight and I am one of those people. Finding something that would help me with maintaining or losing weight was huge. I am down 10 pounds simply from adding 2 of these a day and making no other changes, so pretty happy about that! I really enjoyed this new Well Beyond Xe TRM energy drink that you mix in water. I was not sure I would like it but I really look forward to it because it gives me the energy I need. I was surprised to find out how great it tasted and how much it was improving my mood and focus. Shocked actually!

According to the Well Beyond corporate website,

“Xe TRM is formulated to help maintain brain cognition, mental focus, alertness, improve overall mood and support your gut health. With one calorie per serving and 0 grams of sugar or carbohydrate, Xe TRM is perfectly positioned to help support a keto diet plan.”

The cool thing is that this is something easy to incorporate. Most of us are drinking water at least part of the day. To pour in an XeTRM skinny stick into your bottled water and shake it up is pretty easy to do. You don’t have to worry about racing down to your local gas station for an energy drink or to the fridge at work to grab your cold drink that hopefully was not taken by an associate. No, this is super easy. I love that.


I won’t bore you with posting the entire ingredient list here, however check out the ingredient list yourself and just how powerful the XeTRM is. With no carbs, no sugar and just 1 calorie, this fits in many weight loss or diet plans. Perfect for Keto and Diabetics alike. Visit our website at myskinnystick.com and you will quickly want to order. If you are in the United States, I will ship you out a sample if you prefer. It’s all up to you. At our house we are now making 3 of these at a time. All of us are loving the XeTRM and all seem to be noticing different benefits. Gotta love that!

Message Lynette Henk at Three Sons Marketing LLC with any questions or concerns at (941) 676-7300. You can also visit us directly at myskinnystick.com. Well Beyond is expanding quickly. If you want to get involved in this business quickly, give me a call and let’s talk.