Do we deserve a Do-over?

Take 2 wellness diet! Of course we deserve a do-over. What do you do when life happens and changes your plans? Sometimes life has a way of changing our plans. I was all ready to focus on my weight loss and wellness goals on January 2nd. In fact, I started and did really well for about a week and then it just all fell apart The diet did not fall apart, just all the life things that happened made it feel that way. What does that mean? Well, I was so focused on the life stuff that I did not worry too much about everything else. And, sometimes that is ok.

So a reboot?

Yes, sort of a reboot. I am calling it the Take 2 wellness diet! When life does not go as planned, you have to take the time to reset. I am not worried about it. We can’t worry about the things we can’t control. We get through the difficult stuff and move on. And, that is exactly what I did. So now I am focused on take 2. I am focused on my diet and wellness goals. Even when I could not focus on my diet, I did try to eat as well as I could.

Weight loss goals from 2022

For me, I know that stress makes it difficult for me to lose weight, so I just got through the crap as fast as I could. I am sharing because life happens to us all and it does not mean that we have to give up. We get a second chance and a third and forth and on and on. Never give up on yourself! These pictures below are me last year. The one in the pink shirt was at the beginning of my diet. I lost 45 pounds and gained 5 pounds back after a hurricane hit the area. Overall I am thrilled with my weight loss last year and super excited to lose 50 pounds this year.

Beyond Healthy Chocolate
Searching for healthy chocolate? I found it.

Back to the Basics

I am back to doing 2 protein shakes a day, taking my supplements including my probiotic/prebiotic, my metabolic burn and my detox. I am including my greens superfood in one of my shakes each day and I am loving the Pink Drink for my energy drink. It is also known as the Xe TRM. I love the wild berry taste. I love to have 1-2 of the XeTRM a day.


Yes, some of us are snackers and that is ok. In fact I love to eat chocolate. I make sure to eat the Beyond healthy chocolates for snacks. Some like to include them in their order and some don’t. I am a big fan of the Beyond Xobiotic and Beyond X-Power Square. (Yes, these used to be known as Xocai! The yummy healthy chocolates!)

Check Out This Easy & Affordable Plan

Join me for Take 2 wellness diet! I was thrilled to find this plant based plan that was healthy and included all the supplements I needed and an energy drink and superfoods for such an affordable price. With the cost of groceries going insane, I am really thankful for this plan. Click here to find the details. You can choose between the vanilla or chocolate plant protein as well as the B energy drink or the XeTRM. I am a big fan of the pink drink (Xe TRM) . Check it out!

How To Order

Are you struggling with weight loss or reaching your wellness goals. Do you need a do-over just like I did? No worries. We can do this. Join me and let’s focus on taking care of ourselves. Once you order we will want to make sure to have you join our facebook group of thousands of others just like us who are losing the weight and reaching personal goals. I know we can do it! Reach out to Lynette Henk of Three Sons Marketing LLC. (3sonsmom)

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