Have you sampled the new Coke Energy drink?

I went shopping at my local grocery store and happened to find the new Coke Energy drink in the store. My husband had to buy it! It was calling to him. My oldest son and even my husband were wondering about this new #CokeEnergy ever since the Super Bowl commercial and wanted to know if it is a healthier option than past energy drinks sold in stores. We decided to buy some and check it out and see what it was like. We were shopping at our local Aldi grocery store and I was really surprised to see this new energy drink there. I shop there because the grocery chain made a commitment to get rid of high fructose corn syrup from many of the foods sold in the store but Coke Energy was right at the end cap of the check out line, (Full of High Fructose Corn Syrup), waiting just for my kids and hubby to find.

Safe to say we read the Coke Energy drink label

In our household, I read labels. I really try to anyway. We do read the labels on most recipes and try hard not to have processed foods. It is not easy! My son and husband could not decide if this was a good choice but were not actually sure it was ok. Apparently there are four varieties of the New Coke Energy drink, including a zero calorie version. We compared these drinks including a 39 gram sugar version that is 77% of the daily amount of sugar, (YIKES!), to the current energy drinks we have in our home here in Southwest Florida.

It is pretty though …

I have to admit, the packaging and design on the New Coke Energy drink can is quite beautiful however beauty is not everything. I compared it to our current energy drinks at home which are the Xe Lite and the XeTRM. Xe Lite Energy Multiplier drink is a smaller can, 8.4 ounces compared to the 12 ounce can of Coca Cola. The Xe Lite was less calories at 80 calories compared to the 140 calories in the Cherry Coca-Cola Energy.

Good For You Ingredients …

As far as good for you ingredients, I found the Xe Energy Multiplier to have an ingredient list I prefer for my family and I feel comfortable with them consuming. The Xe has a proprietary fruit blend which includes acai and elderberry juice which people are touting for flu these days. I also appreciated the ” No artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives” found on the Xe label.

When all is said and done, guaranteed our family will continue to drink the Xe Lite and skip the Cherry Coke Energy.

Comparisons Of Coke Energy Drink …

I also compared the zero calorie drink with no sugar which is an improvement for a diabetic like me, to the Xe TRM that you mix in water. The XeTRM is supposed to “Fire up your metabolism, energy levels, mood, and your microbiome”. It’s 1 calorie compared to the 0 calorie Coke and has 0 Carbs and 0 sugars making it is a great keto option as well. Although the 0 calorie Coke Energy seems to be a much better option than the full sugar high fructose corn syrup and glucose sugar Coke Energy, in my opinion it does not appear to be a healthy option for my family.

Ingredients in the Xe …

The Xe TRM ingredient list includes a proprietary energy blend that includes l-theanine, theobromine, natural caffeine from green coffee bean, korean ginseng root, guarana seed, Yerbe Mate leaf, green tea leaf extract. Also has stevia leaf extract, trace mineral blend and a high antioxidant blend of cocoa, acai and blueberry powders. Recommended before or after exercise or anytime you need a “pick me up”.

Decide for yourself …

You will have to compare yourself and see what you think, for instance we read the label and tasted the product. For my family, I made the decision to stick with the energy drinks that are working for us. For readers who want to check out the options available, we do have free samples below. We simply ask that you cover the shipping & handling.

Xe Lite Energy Multiplier Samples

XeTRM 1 Calorie Samples

Finally …

I guess I will start checking the labels more carefully at my local grocery store and try not to be impressed with shiny new things! Making simple changes really can make a difference for your health. Right now I am loving the XeTRM and Xe Lite. If you need that extra energy, definitely check out our sample offer and see how it helps you. I have two kids at home and my husband who are regularly enjoying these healthy options. It’s time for your family to try them as well.

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