Can Chocolate Strengthen the immune system?

With the current issues well beyond flu and cold season, everyone I know is looking to do everything they can to protect their families from any potential pandemic. If something as simple as eating chocolate can help strengthen the immune system, then it will be easy to get the family to eat it. I feed my kids healthy chocolate and it helps! I put “cocoa flavonoids immunity” in the search bar on my laptop using Google Scholar to see if there are studies confirming that cocoa flavanols or cocoa flavonoids found in dark chocolate are beneficial for me and I hit the mother load!

It was always me, the one who ALWAYS got sick … Until I strengthened my immune system eating dark chocolate.

I figured there might be a study that addressed immunity and cocoa or dark chocolate because I noticed first hand how it helped me. I was right. There are many studies showing how cocoa flavanols or cocoa flavonoids can help the immune system. After I had my third son, I started noticing some health issues. I literally would get sick going to the grocery store or taking the kids to the pediatrician. After awhile, I was actually afraid to go out as I feared I would get sick which I often did. At the time, I did not realize that you can naturally strengthen your immune system by eating good foods. At that point in my life, I was busy with three young boys and not as focused on nutrition as I should have been. I just didn’t know.

Science behind dark chocolate

The Research on Cocoa

The study I read today called “The effects of cocoa on the immune system I Pharmacology” had this to say about a cocoa diet.

“A cocoa diet has been shown to influence the immune system: in the innate inflammatory response as well as in the adaptive immunity, and in both systemic and intestinal compartments.”

This explains why I stopped getting sick as often because I started incorporating healthy chocolate into my diet. I don’t like to get sick. It makes me sad If my family gets sick. It would be ideal if none of us ever get sick! I am a big fan of the Beyond healthy chocolates. I love to eat the power squares and xobiotic chocolates regularly as well as starting my day with a healthy chocolate protein shake. This “regimen” keeps me much healthier. I used to always be sick! I was having problems with my immune system.

How Is Your Immune System?

Maybe you are like me, wanting to read every study about every issue or maybe you are like my husband who wants to try something and see if he notices an improvement. Whatever your style, if you want to strengthen your immune system as much as possible to protect against any viruses in 2020, an important step would be to eat healthy foods. This study here is clear that cocoa flavonoids have been shown to influence the immune system. Thankful I am stocked up on healthy chocolate!

How many cocoa flavonoids are found in chocolate?

I love this study. As I read it, I was able to see how much chocolate could help because of the benefits of cocoa flavanols or flavonoids found in chocolate. Unfortunately I don’t think you will find any chocolate in stores that even mention how many flavonoids are in their chocolate. And, if they do, it will be significantly less than the dark chocolate I eat to have the high flavanoid content you are looking for to strengthen your immune system. Even worse, going to your local Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Wegman’s does not guarantee the chocolate you buy is high in flavonoid content.

I thought all chocolate was healthy?

How cocoa and chocolate is processed determines how many cocoa flavonoids will survive the processing. This is why I choose the Beyond Dark Chocolate for strengthening my immune system. One piece is up to 672mg flavonoids per 35 calorie 1 gram sugar piece! Absolutely off the charts. I recommend 3-4 pieces a day spaced out morning mid day and evening. It’s real simple. I read the label. You should too!

How many antioxidants and cocoa flavonoids are in your chocolate? It really matters.

beyond healthy cocoa flavonoid chocolate

I am stocked up on beyond healthy chocolate because I decided to order extra chocolates for my family. In uncertain times with a virus with possible pandemic looming, it makes sense to do everything you can to strengthen your immune system and take care of those you love. No sense worrying about things I can’t control, so I made the decision to eat right. For me and my family, purchasing and eating strengthening foods makes sense. I started preparing to protect my family from this virus, because I know that is the right thing to do.

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