Best 2020 Gift Idea This Christmas!

The best 2020 gift idea this Christmas is one that tastes amazing and is good for you. This year more than ever we want everyone we love to stay healthy. That includes keeping our immune system strong. You might not want to give out pounds of raw spinach but this beyond healthy chocolate is a decadent gift idea that is so good for you. One of the very best gifts you can give this Christmas is the gift of chocolate! Most of us are not looking to do extended shopping with the risk of Covid-19 still in play. Why not play it safe and shop online.

Ok, I get it. You can think of a more practical gift than chocolate, sure. But 2020 is definitely a different year than most of us have ever experienced. This year focusing on health and keeping the immune system strong seems to be a thing. Making sure those you love are healthy, another thing. But what do you get that person who has everything? I love that I have found what I consider to be the Healthiest Chocolate on the Planet. This belgian chocolate is not like traditional candy. This dark chocolate is sweetened with acai and blueberry. It has just 1 gram sugar, 1 net carb and 35 calories per piece. Keto friendly. Vegetarian. Diabetic friendly. My favorite of the Beyond Chocolates is the Xobiotic with probiotics included and the Power Square.

As a 55 year old with elderly parents, I am more aware of taking care of our health than ever before. Making simple choices that help us stay healthy are a big deal these days. That is one of the many reasons I love the healthy chocolates. One of the great things is that this chocolate offers the antioxidant equivalent of a pound of raw spinach in just one of these Beyond dark chocolate individually wrapped pieces. So know that when you give the gift of healthy chocolate, not only are your employees, friends and loved ones getting a delicious tasty treat, they are making healthy choices that are good for their health.

healthy chocolate

Years ago I was told that healthy chocolate was good for me and honestly I thought the person was crazy. I mean how can chocolate be good for you? Well, a little research and google searching, and I was quickly aware of how beneficial cacao, cocoa and unheated chocolate really are. All chocolate is not the same, so don’t buy the candy gifts you find in the grocery or drug store. Instead, opt for Beyond healthy chocolate and know you are giving the gift of health. There truly is nothing better.

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