Don’t Leave Home Without It

Why I won’t leave home without chocolate. It is simple really. I would never go on a trip without my toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, makeup and supplements. For me, chocolate is no different. I start every day with a host of supplements including my B plus vitamin, Vitamin C, D3, Zinc and Quercetin along with my BodyMelt Micro Bio probiotics. Late morning I take the Metabolic Burn as part of my BodyMelt diet plan and a detox in the evening. Before each meal I have a piece of healthy chocolate to curb my appetite and cravings along with a glass of water. This really encourages me to eat less without realizing it.

What Kind Of Chocolate?

I know you are wondering what kind of chocolate I would be eating that I would value as much as taking my daily supplements. Well, I am not talking about a wax and sugar candy chocolate bar, not even close. 🙂 Over 12 years ago I learned about healthy chocolate. Well Beyond chocolate (Xocai back in the day), is a chocolate equal to a pound of raw spinach in antioxidants, in just one piece. Crazy, right! A Well Beyond Power Square or Xobiotic is just 35 calories in an individually wrapped piece. It offers just 1 gram of sugar, 1 net carb and is even KETO friendly, Vegetarian and Kosher. I find this lowers my blood sugar so this is not the chocolate you run to if you are having low blood sugar issues. Use it as a part of your diet to help support healthy blood sugar levels. If you like, you can even test your blood sugar, then eat one of the chocolates, wait 30 minutes and check your blood sugar again. For me, the benefits are dramatic. Now you understand Why I won’t leave home without chocolate!


Traveling for me can be an issue. I like to enjoy my protein shakes or smoothies every day and my chocolates. I would not want to forget them. Traveling with chocolate is easy though. Each bag of chocolate comes in a 30 count bag so I can just grab them and go. I have been spending time with my mom while she is recovering from a hospital stay. One of the first things I grabbed was a bag of Xobiotic Squares and X Power Square chocolates. Priorities. 🙂 I did bring my BodyMelt diet plan as I am doing really well on that. No excuses. There are simple things you can do to eat healthy even while traveling.

Beyond Xocai Healthy Chocolate
Beyond Xocai Healthy Chocolate

Forget the chocolate? No Way!

I am serious about the chocolate. In fact, it’s all about the chocolate. The good, healthy chocolate. I eat 3-4 pieces of this decadent belgian chocolate a day and I don’t feel guilty at all. In fact, I am dieting right now. When I forget to include my chocolate, I don’t lose as much weight. So I eat the chocolate. I enjoy the chocolate. People wonder why I smile all the time. I know why. It’s all about the chocolate. Order yours today. Pretty soon you will understand Why I won’t leave home without chocolate.


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