Are plant based vegan diets a fad?

Do plant based vegan diets work?

That is the question so many of us are asking. When I was searching for a healthy diet plan, my search kept bringing me back to plant based vegetarian programs. The more I looked into it, the more I learned about plant based options. In fact, many celebrities in Hollywood consider themselves to follow a Vegan or plant based food plan.

Are plant based Diets Healthy?

Yes, according to the Cleveland Clinic, Health Essentials article, What you should know about Plant-Based Diets below.

“No matter when you start, a diet that is focused on plant foods will help you work toward the prevention of many illnesses and feeling better overall,” Zumpano says.

If followed properly, a whole foods, plant-based diet limits the use of oils, added sugars and processed foods, leaving only whole foods to provide nutrition. This maximizes nutrient intake and virtually eliminates foods that can lead to poor health outcomes.

These diets are low in saturated fat, free of cholesterol, and rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Is a vegan diet difficult?

Personally, every diet I have ever tried in my lifetime except for the current one has not been Vegan or “Plant Based”. The easiest to follow weight loss plan that I have ever been on is this one. This is the only vegan diet I have been on in my life. Some of us have various reasons to go Vegan or plant based. I just wanted to be healthy and wanted to find a program that would work for me. Since I am down 25 pounds now, I feel like it is working. I feel like I am melting away inches.


I am on a plan called Body Melt. This specific plan goes out of the way to be easy and to fit into your existing schedule. I like that the weight loss program includes not just a meal replacement shake but an energy drink, greens superfood supplement and probiotic prebiotic blend, a metabolic burn supplement as well as a detox component. These are far from difficult. The hardest part for me was remembering when to take my supplements. I printed out a fridge sheet and had it right on my fridge for the first week. It was so easy. Do plant based vegan diets work? I would say this one does!

My progress …

I started this BodyMelt diet plan back in November. The entire pack including all the supplements was just $199 plus shipping for the month supply. I had looked into the ingredients and I honestly don’t know how they made this plan so affordable. The other plans I looked into were twice the price and I honestly liked this one better. Back to the progress. I really do feel like plant based vegan diets work. So far, I am down 25 pounds. I took a break around all the holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years and I still lost a good amount of weight. It is really noticeable that I have lost weight in my face, around the middle and around my arms and legs. I am getting there and excited to keep losing the weight.


My goal is to lose 75 pounds and I am already 1/3rd of the way there.

I was focused on being completely plant based but eventually I added back in chicken and some other foods that I find helpful. I definitely love the taste of the plant based shake. It is easier on my stomach than other shakes and I like the way I feel on the products. The supplements are a big plus for me. I am a fan of all of the supplements and the greens superfood blend.

BodyMelt diet

Now Is Your Time

If you are looking for an affordable diet plan that is easy to do, you have found it in Body Melt.

People are losing weight on this program. This is working for so many including my husband and I. Simply decide if you want to replace two meals a day or one and pick the pack that works for you. One meal pack is $199 and the two meal pack is $245. Before you freak about the thought of doing two shakes a day, just know this is not your typical meal replacement protein shake. It does not taste grainy or gritty. It tastes like dessert. My husband is doing one shake a day with great results. As soon as I opened the jar the first time, I knew this shake was going to be different. I ordered the vanilla and the vanilla aroma was amazing. I made a simple shake with almond milk, 1 scoop of BodyMelt protein and a handful of frozen berries. It tastes so good that I crave it. I am not sad I am having a shake. I am looking forward to it. Shocking but true! I have been on many many diet plans in my lifetime. This one is the most complete plan I have ever had and it might even be the most affordable.

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Vanilla Protein Shake Recipe

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