This weekend Dana Alsop was in Southwest Florida sharing the benefits of a beyond healthy chocolate.  This pure dark chocolate is not like the candy you find in stores but is a cold pressed version without the waxes, fillers and processed sugars.  The high antioxidant values in the chocolate are what makes this product so different.

Dana Alsop is a double diamond member with Well Beyond Chocolate Beyond healthy chocolate.  She was in downtown Punta Gorda, Florida at the Punta Gorda Farmers Market this past Saturday sharing her lupus story and how healthy chocolate has changed her health.

If you suffer with an auto-immune disease, if you are looking to get healthy, if you want to earn serious money in 2017, these are all reasons you should listen to Dana’s story above and then give me a call.  This could be the year that changes everything.

I am Lynette Henk, Well Beyond Chocolate Gold Executive.  I suffer from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and migraines.  Beyond healthy chocolate products have improved the quality of my life.  Contact me for information at 941-216-5727, email me at [email protected] or visit  You don’t want to go another day without healthy chocolate.  Be sure to order yours today!  Free Shipping available.  (No coupon code required!)