In honor of Independence Day and Canada Day, some of the most popular Beyond products are 50% off through July 5th, 2019!

The popular beyond salted caramel vanilla protein shake, Remity Rest & Restore and my favorite Remity FOCUS are included in the sale. At half price, these are a bargain for sure.

One of my sons had great difficulty with attention as a child and now as an adult. Medications to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, otherwise known as ADD or ADHD, can have unpleasant side effects. We had tried them all! When the Remity FOCUS came out, our son decided to try it with great results and has been on it for quite a while. As a mom, I am happy that he is on a natural supplement without all the side effects we had seen from other prescription medications. Remity FOCUS is a nootropic and is a great choice for those who want to be mentally sharp.

Here is the information from the Well Beyond corporate website,

Clear the fog with Remity Focus™. Formulated to keep you feeling relaxed, focused, and sharp, this advanced remedy conditions your mind to operate at peak performance. Featuring a beneficial blend of brain and mood-boosting ingredients, Focus promotes an ideal mental state to improve memory, mental speed, and concentration. This powerful nootropic—a supplement that supports cognitive function—also helps reduce mental fatigue. “

If you have trouble sleeping, be sure to check out Remity Rest & Restore, another exceptional product. Fans of the beyond Salted Caramel Vanilla protein shake will be thrilled to get this great product at half price! If you are looking for vegan plant based protein that tastes delicious, you will want to stock up!

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