Labor Day Healthy Chocolate Protein SALE is here!

The Labor Day SALE is happening now through September 9th, 2021. I can promise you I will be stocking up because this Beyond Chocolate Protein is the best product I have found on the market for cocoa flavonoid and antioxidant content. Experiencing the unfortunate issue of not having this product for a few months and the difference in how I felt was shocking. I took the opportunity during the Covid outbreak of 2020 to try other brands. Researching was key and I was careful to make sure they were made with whey protein isolate and good ingredients. Unfortunately that was not enough. Nothing I found was even remotely like what I had been receiving with the Beyond shake. Now you know why I am so passionate about the Labor day healthy chocolate protein sale. I want to get this delicious and healthy shake into as many hands as possible so you can also experience the health benefits of good nutrition!

My favorite Protein mix

Since I know how much better I feel on this shake, I will stock up for sure. The sale is the biggest discount Beyond ever has! Save 50% on the Beyond Chocolate Protein Shake and also Beyond nutritionals! Woohoo! SALE goes from 9/3/2021 through 9/9/2021 11:50pm. No coupon code for Well Beyond is required. Sale price will populate once you put the items in your cart and enter your cc info. Before the order is complete, you will see a credit of 50% on the sale items. Such a deal!

My Story

I have been taking this Chocolate protein for well over 10 years now. I was suffering from severe osteoporosis and a chronic autoimmune issue as well as problems with weight gain. The changes I have experienced personally from this shake have been phenomenal. I was able to reverse my severe osteoporosis to very mild osteopenia in just the first year without having to take any prescription meds for the osteoporosis. Changing my diet made the difference.

Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

This shake has even helped with pain and autoimmune issues for me. It gives me energy I would otherwise not have. We are all different and I can’t promise the benefits I have will be the ones you experience, however good nutrition is important. Make a small change, like incorporating this breakfast protein shake, and see how you feel. Now is the time to try it with a 50% off SALE happening right this second!

Happy Labor Day!

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend, but first stock up on this Labor day healthy chocolate protein that makes this Well Beyond Chocolate Shake. I also recommend the Balance Probiotic. Everyone needs to be on a good probiotic, at least that is what my doctor said. It sure helps my gut health.

Don’t miss out on the Labor Day Beyond Sale

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