Priority: Creating Memories

How I paid for our family vacations. Earning extra money to take the vacations I want has been a thing for me for years. With 3 boys, vacations were not cheap. I did not grow up having lots of vacations except to see grandparents in Ohio, so I was seriously making an effort to have that family time and memories with our littles. It was one of those things that I promised myself, that we would take our kids on actual vacations they would remember.

Life Happens

There was a time many years ago when my husband was injured and I did not know if he would be around for the kids and I. I was laser focused on those quality trips for those life long memories. Thankfully my hubby is doing much better than he was years ago but we never know. I learned that awhile back when my younger brother passed away unexpectedly.

Family cruise

Ways to Earn Extra Income

This is How I paid for our family vacations: Years ago I had garage sales to earn the extra money. Sometimes they were really successful but a lot of work. I then decided to have an ebay store and sold on ebay back in the day, for awhile we sold used furniture that we had updated with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint . When I learned about healthy chocolate, that really made a difference for us. Now I am excited to share the travel hack that makes vacationing more affordable.

Needing Answers

We had individuals in the family, myself included, with health issues. I was looking for answers and realized good nutrition was really making a difference for us. We focused on that for an extra income source and because we felt like we needed to get the word out about making healthy choices.


Our family was able to create lots of memories, enjoy cruises and most recently lots of trips to Disney and Orlando over the years. I have some amazing photos of the family from cruise photos too, so very thankful for that. In the past, we were able to take camping trips too and purchase a camper and then upgrade. all because we created an extra income source.

Current Economy

With the economy the way it is today, extra income can help pay the groceries, college, a car, a mortgage, credit card bills and so much more. Everyone seriously needs a side gig or an extra source of income. Why not. How will you pay for yours?

Vacation pic
Vacation Pic Florida

Why am I sharing this?

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cruise vacation
Cruise vacation

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