Family Vacation Travel Hack

This family vacation travel hack has been a lifesaver for our family over the years. Traveling as a family of five can seriously be a challenge for the budget and your sanity. You don’t quite fit in a standard hotel room and getting two hotel rooms doubles the cost and means one parent is in each room with some of the kids, hardly a great vacation option. That is when I started exploring resort accommodations including 1, 2 and 3 bedroom condo’s in gated resorts with lots of amenities. I fell in love. Problem was with three growing boys, my budget could not afford the luxury resort space we needed as a family. And, then I learned about weekly stays. And I started searching out the deals. We have saved so much money over the years with this hack. Now, it is your turn.

Wholesale travel deal portal
Wholesale Travel deal portal.

Weekly Stays

Weekly stays gave our family the option to travel when we might not have been able to afford it otherwise. There were years we ate quite a few meals at the resort in our full kitchen. It was helpful with three boys who were tired and worn out from spending time at the Disney World or Universal Studios amusement parks. Instead of going out to eat with cranky crying kids, we could order food to go and eat it at the kitchen table in the resort or we could heat up a quick dinner. The flexibility of a home away from home with a living room, full kitchen, washer, dryer and multiple bedrooms makes for a great vacation and wonderful memories.


Timeshare type resorts do offer some fantastic vacation properties. They usually have activities for kids and adults and luxurious hotels and amenities. These are located near popular travel areas including Las Vegas, Orlando and Florida Beach Properties. Outside of the United States, you will find many resorts as well. If you don’t want to invest in the cost and long term obligation of timeshare, you really are looking for someone renting out their unit or extra last minute timeshare deals. Not everyone has access to these extra weekly stay deals, but I have a hack that gets you access. Not only can I help you save money, the access is just as valuable. We spend a lot of time in Orlando. There is so much to do! Yes, you can enjoy Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld and Legoland, but you can also find great museums and amazing outlet shopping.

Affordable Family Vacation

The scoop! Instead of having to pay a monthly or large annual fee to belong to a travel club that can offer some discounts, now you can buy travel discounts only when you need them. If you know you are going to be traveling, you can buy a package that gives you the discounts you need at pennies on the dollar. So, not only do you get access to some amazing weekly deals that are seriously difficult to find, you can save big bucks too! In addition to these weekly deals, you will also find great hotel deals across the country, cruises and so much more. Buy just what you need.

Wholesale Travel Deals Are Here!

Visit our website for details on this Family vacation travel hack. Simply pick a travel pack that fits your needs starting at just $200 for $1500 in travel buy down discounts. You need just $750 in travel discounts to get access and savings on the weekly deals across the country. Questions, reach out to Lynette of Three Sons Marketing LLC. Reach us at 941.676.7300.

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