Fuel Factor X

Start your FFX fuel additive business in Nigeria. There are sales rep opportunities available and there is a demand for the product. With the cost of petroleum gas in Nigeria (Cooking gas) rising and the removal of the petrol subsidy on July 1st, this is a very good way to save on the cost of gas and help others do the same. The price of Petrol fuel per litre in Nigeria has increased in 2023 and now with the removal of the subsidy by new president, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, is making it difficult to afford.

FFX Nigeria
FFX now available in Nigeria to save on gas

Petrol Subsidy

Removal of the Petrol subsidy has made it very difficult for those in NIgeria. According to this Reuters article,

“The country’s labor unions are protesting against the removal of a petrol subsidy and demand a new minimum wage.

Benson Upah is the union NLC head of information and public affairs.”

Improve Fuel Economy

Thankfully there is a product now available in Nigeria and many other countries from a Las Vegas company that will improve fuel economy. The product is called FFX, Fuel Factor X. A 10 ml foil packed sachet will treat 20 gallons.

Super Food For Your Engine

  1. Comprehensive Fuel Treatment
  2. Increases Fuel Economy
  3. Reduces Emissions and Pollutants
  4. Enhances Performance
  5. Prolongs Engine Life
  6. Improves Horsepower

Fuel Factor X (FFX)

FFX is an all in one solution. It contains a catalyst that ignites fuel at a lower temperature. This enables it to reduce waste by burning MORE of the available BTUs of the fuel.

Safe for all combustible engines and fuel oils, gas or diesel. (Cars, Boats, Trucks. Lawnmowers, motorcycles, generators, RV’s, Heavy Equipment, ATVs)

Business Opportunity Available

Nationwide delivery from Lagos and Owerri. Start your FFX fuel additive business in Nigeria. How to become a distributor:

Visit our website here to for information and to order.

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