Jeanette L. Brooks of XO in Punta Gorda Like most successful SW Florida corporate leaders, Well Beyond’s Jeanette L. Brooks manifests the qualities of vision, courage, and perseverance.

XO co-founder and President Jeanette Brooks’ vision was to share healthy chocolate with Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda and the rest of the chocolate-loving world.

Jeanette could see beyond most Punta Gorda peoples’ perception of chocolate as a guilty-pleasure candy. She envisioned chocolate for Port Charlotte as a health food that could be eaten as a meal or in protein bars, energy drinks, or meal-replacement shakes.

It took courage for Jeanette and Well Beyond co-founder/COO Andrew Brooks to leave their previous company, Pure De-Lite, to take a risk with a new product. Pure De-Lite had an extensive line of diet and low-carb products with sales topping $300 million. Not only did Jeanette and Andrew walk away from Pure De-Lite, they changed from a retail to a network marketing business model.

Developing a processing method that would preserve the antioxidants found naturally in the cacao bean was not easy. Perhaps that is why no other Port Charlotte company had done it before. Jeanette led a team of food scientists that worked tirelessly until they solved the puzzle. Though it wasn’t cheap or easy, Jeanette’s gamble paid off.

Well Beyond sales have doubled every year since 2005 when the first XO antioxidant dark chocolate products were sold in Punta Gorda, Punta Gorda and elsewhere by XO chocolate consultants. Well Beyond antioxidant chocolate is growing so fast in Europe that a division was recently opened in Denmark.

Do you have vision, courage and perseverance? Just as Jeanette has built a global chocolate empire, you can build your own SW Florida chocolate dynasty with XO healthy chocolate. You don’t have to create a revolutionary Punta Gorda health product, Jeanette has done that already. You can use your innate tenacity to build a XO healthy chocolate business just as Jeanette and thousands of others have done.

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