I have been reading a book called “Live Young With Chocolate” by Dr. Gordon Pederson, a Board Certified Anti-Aging Medicine, PHD, ND.  He mentions that the Science and Health worlds view dark, antioxidant-rich chocolate as the ultimate anti-aging food.

He quotes “Rich in a variety of powerful nutrients, dark chocolate can protect your body’s cells, tissues and organs, and slow the aging process for an enhanced level of vitality”.  

Impressed that chocolate could be so powerful, I read on.  I was amazed to find that there are tests that can quickly determine the health of your cells.  Try one out here.

Test your age with the Static Balance Test.  Stand on one foot and then close your eyes.  Measure the time balanced.  Repeat 3 times and compute the average.  Age-Time in seconds: 20—–28 seconds, 30—–23 seconds, 40—–18 seconds, 50—–13 seconds,                                           60—– 8 seconds & 70—– 4 seconds

This test gives you an indication of how your body is aging.  The better the response, the better you are aging.  The worse the response, well you get the idea.  Need more information, check out 8 Causes of Aging.

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Anti-Aging is an area of great concern to my Orlando and Naples neighbors.  How did you do on the above test?  If you are like me, you may not have felt the answer was as positive as you would have hoped.  There is a new product on the market called XoVitality High -Antioxidant Cacao Capsules.  These capsules provide Antioxidant Power, Energy & Immunity as well as Heart & Brain Health.   You can restore, replenish and revitalize your cells.  I recommend you try XoVitality for one month and do the test again.  Will your scores improve?  My bet is that they will.

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