Healthy chocolate revolution

Healthy chocolate revolution is here. Have you heard about the Beyond healthy chocolate revolution?  It is a powerful movement sweeping across the county with the goal to convince you to change your chocolate from the unhealthy store bought chocolate to a cold pressed  high antioxidant super food.  This cold pressed chocolate version is made by a company called Well Beyond Corporation, the makers of )Xocai) healthy chocolate products.  This chocolate is nothing like the candy bars you find in your local Walmart, Walgreens or CVS drugstore.  It has not been heated or dutched like traditional chocolate and does not include waxes or fillers.

News on dark chocolate

Most of us have heard in the news about the wonderful benefits of dark chocolate.  What you might not realize is that all dark chocolate is NOT the same.  More than just how much chocolate is in the chocolate bar, the vital component is actually how the dark chocolate is processed and how many of the essential antioxidants remain.  Well Beyond LLC, makers of Beyond belgian dark Chocolates,  has found a way to retain the health benefits of the cacao.

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My family has suffered with chronic health problems for years.  The best thing we ever did was to include  Beyond Healthy Chocolate products including our dark chocolate breakfast meal replacement shake in our diet.  My son and I have been taking this shake for over 4 years and it has made such a difference for both of us.  Ask me for details!!  You spend money at the doctor or spend money on your food. Good nutrition matters!

Take care of yourself

How will you spend your healthcare dollars?  Who knows what is happening with Obamacare, as so many insurers are walking away.  The best thing you can do for your family is to eat right.  Simple changes like Beyond Chocolate can help.  Make sure that you are eating right so you have the best chance of living a healthy and happy life.  Including unheated Beyond Belgian Chocolate. It is an easy way to include the antioxidants your body needs.

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Prices are way cheaper than Amazon or Ebay.  And, you can be sure they are the freshest available as they ship direct.  Those who chose the Chocolate of the Month club, (autoship) will be sure to get the best price. You don’t even need to worry about a coupon or discount code to get the best deal. The Healthy chocolate revolution is here. Join MyDailyChoice and start sharing healthy chocolate today.

Boosting brain power with chocolate

In the article Boosting Brain Power With Chocolate, “A study led by Professor Ian Macdonald found that consumption of a cocoa drink rich in flavanols — a key ingredient of dark chocolate — boosts blood flow to key areas of the brain for two to three hours.

Increased blood flow to these areas of the brain may help to increase performance in specific tasks and boost general alertness over a short period.  The findings, unveiled at one of the biggest scientific conferences in America, also raise the prospect of ingredients in chocolate being used to treat vascular impairment, including dementia and strokes, and thus for maintaining cardiovascular health.

Flavonoids study

The study also suggests that the cocoa flavanoids found in chocolate could be useful in enhancing brain function for people fighting fatigue, sleep deprivation, and even the effects of ageing.”  Dr. Gordon Pedersen Shares How to Neutralize Free Radicals by Eating Dark Chocolate: Dark Chocolates Can Be Good For You More reasons to eat dark healthy chocolate

The Healthy chocolate revolution is here

We are Three Sons Marketing LLC and our goal is to share Beyond Healthy Chocolate with the world.  Join us in enjoying this amazing chocolate or perhaps you want to be involved in the Healthy Chocolate Revolution as it is an amazing business and so much fun.   My family has been eating and enjoying the health benefits of Beyond Belgian Chocolate products for well over six  years.  We can’t imagine life without it.  Make a difference in your diet.  Simply incorporate Healthy Chocolate.  You can do this–and you will love it!  Order direct at

Exciting news! The Healthy chocolate revolution is growing quickly. Well Beyond (Xocai) has merged into MyDailyChoice offering many benefits. It is also a great work at home business opportunity if you are looking for an addtional income stream. Affordable and easy to get started. Details HERE.

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