Well Beyond LLC, owners of the Healthiest Chocolate in the World, Beyond Chocolate, is now available to the general public! Although you won’t be able to find this Well Beyond Healthy Chocolate in your local grocery store or most health food stores, this healthy chocolate is available direct to your door!

Even better, Beyond Chocolate products are available with an amazing offer for preferred customers. Order Beyond Chocolate products every month and you will earn a loyalty bonus equal to the amount you spend every month quarterly for the first year. Buy three products, and you will qualify for a free one. Now that is a deal.

Hard to know which chocolate to start with which is why I recommend the Beyond Chocolate variety box which includes a small box of nuggets, power squares, omega squares and xobiotic. This chocolate is available in the United States, Canada and many other countries.

Now you can have it shipped right to your door.

Once your chocolate arrives, make sure that you are eating a piece at least three times a day, spaced out morning, mid-day and evening. You can eat more than that but this is antioxidant and cocoa flavanol rich chocolate so you want to make sure you are keeping enough antioxidants in your body as a piece of Beyond Chocolate will stay in your system 4-6 hours at most. The key is to keep eating the Healthy Chocolate. I have no problem with this. After all, this is delicious belgian healthy chocolate. Yum!




See this chocolate is not just any old chocolate.  This is Dark Chocolate that is not cooked.  It is not heated.  It is made with a patented process which is why you don’t find it with candy makers.  It has no waxes, fillers or processed sugars.  It is sweetened with Acai Berry and Blueberry.  Diabetic Friendly, Gluten Free, Vegetarian.  I also love that Beyond Chocolate power squares are just 33 calories a piece! I can eat CHOCOLATE anytime I want!  

So if your goal is to get healthy or stay healthy, order this Chocolate today.


Check out our website at MyCHOCOLATEVitamins.com or call us at 941-216-5727.  We are Lynette & Wayne Henk of Three Sons Marketing LLC out of Punta Gorda, FL.  We seriously need to talk!