Turmeric Or Curcumin for Arthritis?

I read an interesting article today from a Harvard blog about the potential benefits of turmeric or curcumin for arthritis. The article was specific to osteoarthritis of the knee. As I suffer from osteoarthritis and have experienced personal benefits from a new curcumin product I have been trying, It got my attention. I decided to do some research and found out about this interesting article, “Curcumin for arthritis, does it really work? “

The article shares “That’s why a new study is noteworthy: it suggests that curcumin, a naturally occurring substance found in a common spice, might work for osteoarthritis.”

Curcumin diclofenac study

The study Harvard references compares the safety and efficacy of curcumin as compared to diclofenac. Encouraging study, although small, shows a potential benefit for the use of curcumin. After reading this curcumin comparison study as well as the Harvard blog article, it makes sense the benefits I am seeing personally. I have suffered with osteoarthritis for many years and struggle with managing the pain.

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Is there hope for arthritis?

Clearly curcumin is something to think about. Turmeric or curcumin for arthritis may actually be a thing. Who knew? Here is my personal story. I suffer from a host of autoimmune health issues and have a history significant for broken bones. My diagnosis list is long. Because of that, I have tried many natural and prescription medications including ones for pain trying to improve my quality of life. My personal physician had recommended I try curcumin in the past but I noticed no benefits and stopped taking it after a few months. Over the years I have tried many natural supplements without the benefits I had hoped for.

Personal curcumin benefits

I learned of a new product called Curcumitol-Q that has the potential to work for difficult cases so I was anxious to try it personally. I really did not expect to see a huge benefit overnight. In fact, the first week I did not notice much of a benefit. I figured I would try it for a few months and see if it helped. The next week I noticed a significant reduction in my chronic lower leg pain and knee pain that I have had for many years. I continued to see benefits and now I know right away if I forget to take it. Taking two capsules a day, one first thing in the morning and the second mid afternoon was beneficial. I feel like a third dose before I went to bed would continue the benefits but am waiting to talk to my doctor to see if that is something I can do. Regardless, I am a difficult case, no question. I am just so thankful I am seeing positive results.

Here is some information about the difference in drug store curcumin and what I have been taking.

“Bumping the BDMC-curcumin levels from its regular 1% to 5% has noticeable effects. Now, over the last 10 years of optimizing the extraction process, it has been elevated all the way to 30%. That’s the BioBDMCTM patented curcumin available in Curcumitol-Q.”

BioBDMCTM neutralizes two proteins (as opposed to the singular protein that regular curcumin neutralizes), which helps deliver anti-inflammatory benefits in hours instead of days by preventing the inflammatory response from even being triggered in the first place. It also works for more difficult cases beyond regular inflammation such as systemic auto-immune disorders.”

I am sharing my personal opinion. I am not a doctor. Just a patient trying to improve my quality of life.

Details on Curcumin can be found here.

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