Can simple changes help you shed pounds?

Losing weight eating healthy is working for our family. My husband and I are both in our late fifties. I have always struggled with losing weight since I was a pre-teen. That was not the experience my husband ever had. He never had an issue losing weight until his mid fifties. This is the first time I can ever remember my husband even considering a diet or a way to lose weight. This year we decided to lose the weight together andfocus on becoming healthier. We have already been exercising 30 minutes a day but we needed to focus on better food choices.

Plant Based Protein with BodyMelt
Plant Based Protein

Affordable Diet Plan

We picked an affordable vegan plan that offered an energy drink, a meal replacement shake, greens superfood and three supplements that included a probiotic + prebiotic, metabolic burn and a detox cleanse + reset. It was really affordable so we were anxious to get started. I choose to replace two meals a day with a protein shake. My husband decided to replace one meal a day with a shake. I have now lost 30 pounds. My husband is down 20 pounds. We are both thrilled with our results. This Losing weight eating healthy is great for us.

Change The Diet

If you are ready to make simple changes to your daily diet, I recommend the Body Melt Vegan Plant based program. This program is super affordable and includes one protein shake daily to replace a meal, an energy drink, a greens superfood blend and three important supplements. I like how this plan has been working for our family. Since I have significant weight to lose, I am glad that this has been so easy to follow. It really has worked well for me.

Flexible Diet Options

The flexibility to choose which meals to do the protein shake and options that don’t stop me from eating out with friends and family makes this an easier option. I love the shake as it tastes delicious. Losing weight eating healthy is doable. Join us and our BodyMelt private facebook group to encourage each other. Seriously, I recommend you check it out today. I think you will be pleased. That was definitely the case for me!

How To Order

Order the BodyMelt complete pack for the best value at just $199 plus shipping. Details at You can also reach out to Lynette at Three Sons Marketing LLC at 941.676.7300.


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