Waterless car wash results

My husband and I recently ordered a new waterless car wash you can do at home. It arrived with a gray microfiber towel to wash the car and a spray bottle. We were seriously excited to see if this would work as it is such a pain to lug the bucket, the hose and all the cleaning products to the driveway to wash the car. My husband was skeptical that it could possibly clean as well as a traditional wash but he was impressed after using the product and watching what happened when it rained. Conserving water is a great idea and water is really expensive in Babcock Ranch, Florida where we live. So we decided to try it out And thank God we did!

How Our DIY Car Wash Worked Out

Well, our family van was really dirty. It needed a really good car wash bad! My husband said it really needed a wax job too. The top of the van felt gritty and sandy and was rough. The car came clean but my hubby was concerned that we still needed to wax it or put some kind of protective finish on it, and then the rain came! Literally! We got a bad storm with lots of rain.

The Rain!

So, what did my husband do? He went out in the rain with his umbrella to see how it was holding out. What he said shocked me! He said the finish was beading up like we had put a nice coat of wax or a really good finish but all we used was Optimyst! Wow! Check out one of the photos taken during the end of the rain that day. My husband now believes this to be an amazing product. We are ordering more. I am anxious to try it out on Love bugs which are a big deal here in Florida. This works on bugs and tar so thinking it will do well!

We Recommend This Waterless Car Wash!

We are just thrilled with our Waterless car wash results! Neither of us had to drag the hose around the house to wash the car. Just that is a big deal. No searching for the bucket and this is just too easy. Saving water is huge! It is a great DIY Car Wash Hack for sure!

How To Order your Optimyst

Click here to order your Optimyst Waterless Car Wash. Choose from the 1 pack or save big ($36.00) with the 5 pack! Any questions, reach out to Lynette at Three Sons Marketing LLC at 941.676,7300.

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