Antioxidants and Chocolate

The benefits of antioxidants. Antioxidants are substances that protect cells in the body against damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can damage cells, and over time, this damage can contribute to aging and diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. One of the most delicious sources of antioxidants is chocolate. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of antioxidants and chocolate.

Healthy Chocolate Farmers Market Punta Gorda
Healthy Chocolate Punta Gorda farmers market

Antioxidants and Health

Antioxidants are essential for maintaining good health, and they can be found in many foods, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains. These antioxidants help to neutralize free radicals, preventing them from causing damage to cells in the body. This helps to reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Antioxidants are also important for the health of the skin. Free radicals can cause damage to the skin, leading to premature aging and wrinkles. By neutralizing free radicals, antioxidants can help to keep the skin looking young and healthy.

Chocolate and Health

Chocolate is one of the most popular foods in the world, and it is also a rich source of antioxidants. However, not all chocolate is created equal. Dark chocolate contains more antioxidants than milk chocolate, and it is also lower in sugar and fat. The antioxidant and flavonoid content in chocolate varies on how it is processed. I eat the Beyond™ X Power Squares and Xobiotic Squares that use cacao that boasts eight times the levels of epicatechins and catechins, and four times the levels of procyanidins than cacao produced with standard processing. This makes all the difference.


Dark chocolate has also been shown to reduce inflammation in the body, which can contribute to a number of chronic diseases. In addition to its antioxidant properties, chocolate is also a good source of magnesium, which is important for bone health.


Antioxidants are essential for maintaining good health, and chocolate is a delicious source of these important nutrients. However, it is important to choose dark chocolate, which contains more antioxidants and is lower in sugar and fat than milk chocolate. By incorporating dark chocolate into your diet, you can enjoy its health benefits while indulging in a sweet treat. My family has been eating Beyond chocolate every day for the last 13 years. One piece of Beyond healthy chocolate is like a pound of raw spinach in antioxidants and just 35 calories, 1 gram of sugar and 1 net carb. Choose your chocolate wisely. Yes, this used to be known as Xocai. It is is the same great chocolate!


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