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4 things your North Port Pediatrician Wants you to know

4 things your North Port Pediatrician Wants you to know. The health of our children is a top priority for parents in the north Port, Port Charlotte, Englewood, and Sarasota areas, and that’s why having a good relationship with your child’s pediatrician is so important. From having the all important well-child check-ups to children’s immunizations to flu shots, these healthcare providers are there when parents and children need them.

Today in Lynette’s My3sonsmom  Punta Gorda Children’s Health Blog, we want to give you a look into some of the issues facing local pediatricians, especially the important issues that they may have difficulty discussing with parents. This is the reason we will discuss 4 things your North Port Pediatrician wants you to know.

4 Things

1. A cold is a cold is a cold, even if they call it something different. There are lots of names for the common cold, like “viral rhinosinusitis” or “purulent rhinitis”. They might sound fancy, but if your kids has it, it really just means they have a cold. Many pediatricians use these terms so parents don’t feel like their being sent away from the office with an overly-simple diagnosis.

2. Old wives’ tales, tic toc videos  and internet health sites are no substitutes for professional medical advice! There are many rumors that have no scientific basis at all, yet some patients will insist on bringing their child in because an older member of the family noticed something (think green snot or ear tugging). Also, while the internet is filled with great information and sometimes can have important information, it is also filled with sensationalized and nonscientific sites that can be downright silly or even dangerous. Pediatric Physicians just want parents to be safe and well-informed when choosing how to treat their child.

3. Fevers are scary, but for children over 3 months old, there is no magic number where a fever becomes dangerous. However specific symptoms such as lethargy, rash, or inconsolable crying are certainly cause for concern.

4. Scheduling is not an exact science.
No one likes to camp out in the waiting room, but, once in a while, a patient requires a little extra care, and this can throw the schedule off for the day. However, one day that patient may be your child, and you’ll want that schedule-ruining extra care as well. It is a great thing to remember.

North Port Families

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