Stay healthy!

Stay healthy. That is one of the most important things you can do for yourself these days. This year and last have definitely been challenging. It is more important to do everything you can to stay healthy this year than ever before. There are simple things we can do. Eating right and exercising are important components to good health.

Lynette Henk

Commit to good health

I have committed to exercising a minimum of 30 minutes a day. There are days this is difficult. Some days I am just too tired. Other days the weather is not cooperating for my outdoor exercise plans. But you know what? You have to commit and stick to it. So I do. Even if I don’t want to. Exercising is good for keeping your immune system strong according to this 2020 study;

“Exercise Regulates the Immune System”.

“Profound effect of exercise on the normal functioning of the immune system has been well-known. Exercise and immune regulation are interrelated and affect each other.”

Life Happens

Take today for example. I decided to ride my bike and I did commit to 30 minutes of exercise. My lunch time break was the perfect opportunity to get 45 minutes of exercise in. I was well into my ride and I just was not feeling that well. Deciding to power through, I thought I could make it at least 30 minutes. I use an app called Strava, and by the time I got home I did not meet my 30 minute minimum goal. It was close, by a few minutes even, but I decided I would meet this 30 minute exercise goal daily. Wanted to stay focused on meeting my daily goal. I took another bike ride after dinner and ended up with 55 minutes of exercise. This is not the year to slack on keeping your immune system healthy. We just have to power through.

Immune Health

Stay healthy is a good catch phrase for 2021. Figure out what makes sense for you in order to stay healthy. There are so many different ways to exercise. Simply taking a walk is a good choice. Find something that works for you. Maybe you work out at the health club. Bike riding is my favorite exercise of choice. Swimming, skiing, playing tennis , pickleball or dancing are some great options. The choices are endless. Just commit to healthy choice that you can consistently do!


What fuel you feed your body matters now more than ever. I have been cutting back on sugar and choosing organic fruits and vegetables whenever I can. We are limiting processed foods and trying to skip fast food restaurants all together. Yes, we still have to live life, so there will always be exceptions, but taking the time to feed your body well makes sense.

My healthy Choices

My husband and I have been having a healthy chocolate protein shake every morning. Not only does it provide an excellent source of protein, it is off the charts in antioxidants and flavonoids, all things important for healthy living. It is a great way for us to start our day right. It gives me the energy I need and the extra edge with illness seemingly around every corner. During the day we even enjoy Beyond healthy chocolate. These chocolates are not like the candies you find in your local grocery store. These chocolates are just 35 calories each, 1 gram of sugar and 1 net carb. One piece is equal in antioxidants to over 1 pound of raw spinach. This is a great snack choice.

Start Today

Make the decision to Stay healthy right now. Commit to small changes. Incorporate exercise. Choose healthy foods. Add healthy snacks like chocolate. Start your day right with a healthy breakfast. Find something that works and stick with it.

Here is to healthy living in 2021. Visit our website at HealthyChocolateFix to view delicious healthy chocolate and protein shake options. Any questions, reach out to Lynette Henk at Three Sons Marketing LLC, Our number is 941.676.7300.

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