Importance of Bone Strengthening Foods

Bone health foods matter. That is what I learned about 10 years ago. I have a history of breaking bones. The first time I recall breaking a bone was falling on the ice on the way to middle school. Another time I broke my arm roller skating at a local roller rink near our home back in the day. The list goes on. I have shattered or broken both shoulders, arms, elbow, wrist, foot. I have had my share of breaks. It seemed that if I fell, I would break a bone.

Dealing with osteoporosis or osteopenia?

After breaking so many bones and being younger than 50 at the time, my doctor sent me for a bone mineral density scan. That would show I had osteoporosis at a young age. It was then and there that I decided to change my diet and focus on eating bone strengthening foods. I was not a big fan of prescription medication for osteoporosis after reading the side effects. After researching, I found a shake that was good for my health and my bone health. After a year, my physician had me go for another bone density test. This time it came back with very mild osteopenia which was a huge improvement. I learned then that Bone health foods matter.

I Fell In The Shower Recently

Last Friday I fell in the shower. It was not fun and I don’t recommend it. Falling on tile is brutal. I had a little plastic corner shower bench that was not very sturdy. I used it to shave my legs. Well, the plastic shower bench slid and I flew. My husband said I fell twice, like in two stages. I am just thankful I never hit my head. Here is the thing, although I am sore, nothing is broken! This from a girl who had a history of breaking bones for many years all until I changed my diet. I am 57 and feeling good about my bone health especially after my fall. . Bone strengthening foods are something I am passionate about. Keeping bones strong is more important than ever as we age. I was breaking bones even when I was younger. Bone health foods matter.

Beyond protein
Beyond protein shake nutrition value

Healthy Food Options

Protein is an important component to healthy bones. So is magnesium. In the blog: Chocolate and Bone Health by Cory Calendine, MD, ( Orthopedic Surgeon), this study was mentioned. Considering the Beyond healthy chocolate shake I have every morning has a crazy amount of flavonoids, this caught my attention.

“A study in Scotland in postmenopausal women associated flavonoid intake with higher hip and lumbar spine bone mineral density. Flavonoids were consumed mostly through tea drinking (57%) and catechin was identified as the main flavonoid consumed. Cocoa beans rich in flavonoids: catechin (34-40%) and epicatechin. Chocolate, being made from cacao beans, also contains high levels of both catechin and epicatechin (even after cacao bean processing).”

More On Healthy Chocolate

I have been eating healthy chocolate for over 12 years. The Well Beyond protein shake became available a little over 10 years ago. That is when I started taking the shake. It used to be called Xocai healthy chocolate. If you are looking for it, it is still available! Thank God! There are many benefits to chocolate that you can find in a simple google search. Just know that all chocolate is not the same. Just like the doctor mentioned above, it is the flavonoids that are the big benefit. There are 850 mg of flavonoids in just 1 scoop of the Beyond dark chocolate shake. One piece of Beyond healthy chocolate X Power Squares has 672 mg of flavonoids in 1 35 calorie, 1 gram sugar, 1 net carb piece. It is so easy to increase the amount of flavonoids you eat when you include the Beyond line of healthy chocolate products. Get your healthy chocolate in the Xe TRM energy drink, healthy chocolates and the Beyond dark chocolate protein shake.

Where to Order Chocolate

Visit the Three Sons Marketing LLC website at or call Lynette direct at 941.676.7300. You can also chat direct at our website if you prefer. We are here to help you. I am a super fan of this healthy chocolate. The healthy chocolate and Beyond protein are affordable. One bag of the shake will last 28 days when you make a 1 scoop shake. The chocolates are affordable when purchased in the 120 count value pack. They work out to just $25 a bag plus shipping for 30 pieces. We recommend that you eat 3-4 pieces a day spaced out morning to night for the best benefit.

I usually share our favorite healthy chocolate protein shake recipes on social media. You can check my latest favorite with frozen dark cherries. Super Tasty! Check one of them out below. 🙂

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