Ready For the Fitness & Nutritional Challenge?

Body Melt Fitness Challenge is a great way to kick-off the new year. Most of us realize the last two years have been out of this world, and, not in a good way. We spent way too much time laying on the sofa binge watching netflix and whatever else we could get our hands on and not enough time exercising. For sure, it was not a typical last few years. Now seems as good of a time as any to make a change since we have a clean slate with 2022.

Choose to Body Melt

body melt fitness challenge

Yes! Let’s Body Melt! When looking for a complete weight loss plan, I considered what would be a healthy option. I was not looking for a quick weight loss scheme or scam. My goal was not just to lose the weight but to do it in a healthy way with good nutrition. I question many quick weight loss diet pills and pre-packaged weight loss meals that include lots of processed or artificial ingredients.

Healthy Diet Options

At my age and with all the diets I have been on over the years, I learned how important it is to feed your body the fuel it needs. Good nutrition is the key, dieting or not. There are many options but honestly I could not find one anything like this BodyMelt Plant Based plan. This one was more affordable, had quality ingredients I was looking for and included all the supplements to help you reach your goals. Basically, the vegan Body Melt program includes four pillars of wellness. It is set up like no plan I have ever been on. I am craving the vanilla protein shake which is amazing to me. I have never craved a shake in my life before this vegan shake unless it was a mega calorie ice cream dessert and covered with whipped cream and a cherry on top.


In addition to the probiotic/prebiotic blend, metabolic burn and detox supplements, this plan also includes a greens superfood veggie blend. You can mix it in with either the included energy drink or the protein shake or choose to add it to a savory soup or even orange juice. Keeping your body healthy is important, so including this Greens Superfood Blend was a win win for me.

The label says “Nourish, Energize & Boost Natural Immunity.” I am all for that!

Healthy options are definitely the way to go in 2022. With the Body Melt fitness challenge, now is a great time to start making healthy choices.

Chocolate or Vanilla

The vegan protein is available in your choice of vanilla or chocolate. I keep ordering the vanilla since I find it to be absolutely delicious. I also have heard the chocolate tastes great as well. So this choice will be your preference for sure. I am hooked on the Vanilla. The aroma of the vanilla reminds me of a vanilla milkshake. Add some organic almond milk and some frozen organic berries and you are set! You won’t be able to wait to start with the Body Melt fitness challenge. Realistically, the ingredients are top notch and are good regardless if your goal is to lose weight or to make healthy nutrition choices. We all need to be smart about what we choose to eat. I am just thrilled that the protein shake is so yummy.

Become Your Best With BodyMelt

Get the BodyMelt system for $199, and earn a chance to win a Tonal home gym. *Valued at $3500!

Yes, the same Tonal home gym that LeBron James invested in. Get the entire BodyMelt system, all the supplements, the energy drink and your choice of vanilla or chocolate plant based protein for only $199 plus shipping. My hubby is doing one shake a day and this will last him a month. I am doing 2 shakes a day and order the 2 protein shake pack at just $245. Either way, a great deal since you are replacing meals. Have you been to the grocery store lately? Thanks to inflation, prices are up. It makes the vegan body melt system a great deal.

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