Do you prefer vanilla or chocolate?

A fan of vegan vanilla or chocolate? It is funny to hear me say this after so many years eating chocolate, but I really do prefer the vanilla. I still swear by the healthy chocolate Protein shake as a great source of nutrition, but I sure do love a new protein shake I have been trying out. Honestly it is my favorite! How about you? Do you prefer vanilla or chocolate ice cream, cake, desserts or protein shakes?

How you know if you love vanilla

Do you sneak pure vanilla into your recipes at home? I add real vanilla to cakes, frosting, cookies and many desserts. We even add vanilla to homemade waffles and even in our beyond chocolate protein when we make it with cold coffee. If you find yourself finding ways to add vanilla, you my friend are a vanilla fan! I kind of forgot how much I loved vanilla until I started a new protein shake for lunch. Called BodyMelt, the vanilla shake has an overpowering vanilla flavor. The second I open the container, I smell a whiff of the vanilla. It is crazy how much I love it.

Easy breakfast, lunch or dinner

I started a new diet for 2022 as many of my neighbors and friends did. Some are already off their diets but not me. The vanilla is so tasty that I am craving it and that is insane. I also love how easy it is to make. Yes, you can make almost anything complicated in life, but this shake is not one of those things. I use three ingredients, put it in the blender and mix. I always enjoy this shake whenever I have it, it is filling and I love having it with a straw. Adding a paper straw makes it seem more like a dessert to me.

4 Pillars BodyMelt Weight Loss
BodyMelt Diet Plan

Vegan Plant Protein that tastes good

I am new to vegan plant based protein. It’s a learning curve for sure. I am not sure I can go completely plant based but I can say that this vanilla plant protein shake is much easier on my stomach. In fact, if my stomach is bothering me, it has now become my go to food of choice. I started this BodyMelt protein because it was part of a vegan diet plan and I wanted to lose weight. Now I realize that having access to a healthy meal is great for me. I often struggled with what to have for lunch. As my blood sugar fluctuates, skipping lunch is not a good choice. Since I am trying to avoid bread and I am getting tired of high sodium soup, having an option I enjoy is wonderful. Super quick to make and really affordable.

Affordable plant based meal

One BodyMelt Vanilla protein with 28 servings is just $45 plus shipping. If you have been to the grocery store lately, you know prices are going up quite a bit. I add in frozen fruit and almond milk which combined with the protein, makes for a very affordable breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is actually cheaper to get the whole plan because it includes lots of great supplements including probiotics which I recommend. But regardless, you can buy just the shake if you want and try it out. I do believe I am spending less on lunch these days. It is fun to have this vanilla vegan shake as a dessert when I had a craving for something sweet. I don’t feel guilty because I am making smart and healthy choices. Don’t believe me? Check out the ingredient list here. Amazing!

Vanilla or Chocolate?

A fan of vegan vanilla or chocolate? Seriously, that is all you need to know. If you are stocking up on food because costs are going up, this is a great choice. I see the commercials offering all the packaged meals in case of emergency, I think I will stock up on this! Tastes so much better. Currently I add frozen berries and almond milk to the protein, but I could definitely make this with water or just oat or almond milk. It is affordable and you can even buy shelf stable plant milks like almond at your local grocery or Walmart. Just a thought.

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