Celebrate the holidays and then focus …

Eat the Christmas cookies! Seriously. At 57, If I have learned anything, it is to enjoy the holiday’s with friends and family and enjoy life. Enjoy the little things, even the cookies! Time is short. We have learned that more in the last three years than ever before. So celebrate and focus on goals in the new year.

Forever Dieting Is Not Worth It

Dieting forever is not good for anyone. Making healthy choices that help you reach your health and weight goals is smart. Feeling like you can never have dessert, enjoy your favorite meal or celebrate a special occasion makes no sense. It is not realistic to punish yourself forever because you happen to struggle with weight. The goal is to make smart choices and still allow for those celebrations in life. So seriously, Eat the Christmas cookies!


Some of us will be thin, some will be pleasantly plump. The focus needs to be on good health. Last year I lost 45 pounds. I made sure to exercise and make positive changes for good health. This year my goal is to lose 60 pounds and maintain the good exercise routine I followed this year. I have learned that being flexible has made it easier to meet my fat loss goals.

Yummy Diet Choices

Since early 2022, I have been following a plant based weight loss plan. It included a vanilla or chocolate protein shake, greens superfood, a healthy energy drink and three supplements, metabolic burn, detox and Micro Bio Probiotics and Prebiotics. I was even able to include healthy chocolates for snacks or cravings whenever I wanted, making it easier than ever to stick with my diet plan. I quickly learned I loved the vanilla shake and started making it with almond milk, frozen organic strawberries and a scoop of the vanilla plant protein. The taste was so delicious I have decided it is as good as dessert. Some evenings when I was super hungry, I have even had this shake for dessert. It works!

The Pink Drink Diet

You might have heard about the KETO Pink Drink. This drink officially called the Xe TRM by Beyond, has an amazing wild berry taste. It has no sugar and just 10 calories and is KETO friendly. I normally have 1-2 of these drinks a day. They give me energy and curb my cravings. They also don’t have that diet aftertaste. This is truly delicious. This is an included option in the affordable weight loss plan and I highly recommend you include it! Some lose weight just on the Pink Drink Diet enjoying two of these a day!

The 4 Pillars Of Wellness

I have been dieting off and on since my early teens. This is the first time ever that I had a complete plan that really worked for me. It is not just a protein shake, or just an energy drink. I get it all. All the supplements to maximize my weight loss, the greens superfood, amazing ingredients in the protein shake and the energy drink. Some people will lose the weight they want just taking the Pink Drink twice a day. For those of us who struggle with weight, I recommend the whole package. It is the most affordable plan I have ever found that has quality ingredients.


Simply choose vanilla or chocolate for your vegan plant based protein. Choose your energy drink, I highly recommend the XeTRM!!! Then you will receive the greens superfood supplement as well as metabolic burn to help you burn the fat, the gentle detox and the Probiotics. When you order the pack the first time, you will also receive a shaker cup!

Christmas and the Holidays

I get it. Trust me I do. Eat the cookies. Enjoy time with friends and family. Just know that when January rolls around, you are ready to make the commitment to improved health and weight loss. I did this plan last year. You can choose 1 or 2 shakes a day. When I was really focused on weight loss, I did 2 shakes a day. Later in the year, I decided to just have my shake for breakfast, my Pink Drink and the supplements. That worked for me and helped me reach my goals. I also made sure to find some type of exercise to focus on.

Weight Loss Group

One of the things I love about this plan is the group of people cheering you on to reach your goals, to share recipes and just to give you that feeling that you are not alone in this. I for one will be going full force on my diet on January 2nd. You can decide whatever day you want to start. I will be doing 2 shakes a day so will be buying the double protein shake pack.

If you prefer to start with the single protein shake pack, here is the link for that. It is really up to you to figure out what works. Just choose your favorite flavor, vanilla or chocolate.


I am looking forward to losing the weight and meeting my weight loss goals in 2023. And yes, I am still going to Eat the Christmas cookies! I am excited that you will be joining me. 2023 is the year to focus on improved health and wellness. I am going to let you in on a little secret. The only reason I continued to do these protein shakes and the Pink Drink was because they taste so good. I did not feel like I was dieting and I found a great recipe for a protein shake I just craved. The supplements kick started the program for me and I just love it all. I seriously felt like the shake tasted like dessert once I added my frozen organic strawberries. I was hooked! Not having to worry about what I was going to eat made it easy when I already loved the taste.

We Got This!

If you like me have tried so many plans over the years and still feel like you have weight to lose, this is the year to switch to a wellness plan that focuses on health and fat loss. We got this! Are you ready to join me? Check out our website at HenksGetHealthy.com for all the details on this great wellness plan, Order your plan now so you have it in January when you want to get started. With the cost of groceries reaching insane amounts, this is one of the most affordable diet plans out there! Seriously, pick your protein shake flavor and definitely choose XeTRM for the energy drink. You won’t regret it! Join the fat burn diet plan!

Any questions, call Lynette Henk at Three Sons Marketing LLC. Our number is 941.676.7300 or chat with us at our HenksGetHealthy.com website and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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